2021 Fastest-Growing Companies

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THREE-YEAR GROWTH 15,665% CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 60 INDUSTRY Fashion/eCommerce WEBSITE BalticBorn.com FOUNDERS Marianne Liljenquist, 29; Angela Liljenquist, 32; Allison Hunt, 35 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer women’s clothing company.
BRIGHT SPOTS Baltic Born is dressed to impress. What started as a “hobby” has grown into a multi-million dollar clothing empire with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. GOALS 1. “Exceed $100 million in annual sales by 2023.” 2. “Expand our brand presence globally.” 3. “Expand our product portfolio to fulfill more of our customer’ needs: beauty, wellness, men’s apparel, etc.” ADVICE “Never quit if it’s something you’re passionate about. Take pride in your communication strategy. Make sacrifices.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Taking the time to truly understand our customer, who they are, and why they see value in the brand we are building.  SHINING MOMENT “The first was when we exceeded 1 million products sold since launching the business. The second was buying a 16,000-square-foot office space in Silicon Slopes to keep up with the growing demand for our brand. We will be moving into our new HQ in 2022!”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 6,100%  CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2017 EMPLOYEES 2 INDUSTRY  Fashion/eCommerce WEBSITE MavenThread.com FOUNDERS Joel Reichert, 32; Kristin Reichert, 32 THE COMPANY A creator of exercise wear and accessories.
BRIGHT SPOTS Maven Thread is head(bands) and shoulders ahead of the game. The $3.6-million athleisure company, made famous by its signature workout headband, is now growing thanks to its legions of followers and thousands of 5-star reviews. GOALS 1. “Become a well-known brand in the athleisure and/or swim space.” 2. “Lifetime donations of over $100,000 to our three charities we support. (Utah Foster Care, Utah Refugee Connection, Shriners Hospital)3. “Get some celebrity or sports figures to love and wear Maven Thread.” ADVICE “Be lean, scrappy and smart with your funds and grow at a pace that works for you.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we couldn’t find exercise headbands on the market that weren’t overpriced and boring. We knew we could make an amazing headband that’s comfortable, fashionable, functional and reasonably priced.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Positive reviews have always been a motivator.” SHINING MOMENT “That we have grown from a company that used to sell 3 different headband styles into a full-blown athleisure brand.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 5,222% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2017 EMPLOYEES 150 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE CrumblCookies.com FOUNDERS Jason McGowan, 39; Sawyer Hemsley, 39 THE COMPANY A cookie shop and delivery company.
BRIGHT SPOTS Our No. 2 UV50 Startup to Watch just last year, Crumbl is proving us right as the fastest-growing gourmet cookie company in the nation. The hot cookie hot spot, which operates in a franchise model, opened their 100th store in less than two years, has more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram, gained 2 million TikTok followers in 6 weeks, and was ranked No. 3 in the app store for food/beverage. GOALS 1. “Become the No. 1 cookie company in the nation.” 2. “Continually expand our flavor profiles.” 3. “Expand across the globe.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Instituting our weekly rotating menu was a critical moment for us. When we first began introducing new flavors to the menu, we eventually got to a point where we couldn’t keep up with the demand. By providing a rotating menu, we instituted a hype cycle marketing approach that has brought cookie lovers back every single week.” SHINING MOMENT “Our business has depended heavily on social media since the beginning, and it was incredibly rewarding to see our follower counts break into the millions.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 2,655% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 1987 EMPLOYEES 1,500 INDUSTRY Insurance WEBSITE PCFins.com CSO Jeremiah Jewkes, 35 THE COMPANY A full-service insurance brokerage firm offering complete risk management solutions.
BRIGHT SPOTS PCF is no new kid on the block. But with a strategic partnership philosophy and a unique value proposition, PCF has experienced astounding growth and $146 million in revenue last year.  GOALS 1. “To be the largest premier full-service insurance brokerage in the United States.” 2. “Surpass $1 billion in revenue in five years.” 3. “Become the No. 1 desired employer in the insurance industry.” ADVICE “Hustle! Put in the work necessary to achieve the growth you are looking for and you will achieve your desired results.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “We saw in the insurance industry that there was a huge gap for insurance platforms that preserve the entrepreneurial spirit of independent agencies.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Knowing we can positively impact and build businesses and people’s outcomes.” SHINING MOMENT “The launch of our Employee Equity Appreciation Program where we make all the employees participants in the outcomes and successes of PCF.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,892% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 50 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE Whistic.com FOUNDER Juan C. Rodríguez, 40 THE COMPANY A provider of proactive vendor security software.
BRIGHT SPOTS A UV50 Startup to Watch in 2020, Whistic has whisked its way to a win once again. The vendor security software company has raised $16 million in funding and is trusted by the greats: Airbnb, Qualtrics, Moveworks and more. GOALS 1. “We will become the premier vendor security network.” 2. “We will continue our growth while maintaining our culture — aka Whistic DNA.” 3. “Our product development will continue to ramp up.” ADVICE “A lot of founders talk about how they wish they would have enjoyed more work-life balance. I completely disagree. I say grind away; if you can’t handle the workload and the pressure then this game isn’t for you. However, I don’t believe that level of pressure should be pushed down to the team. Employees do need work-life balance because for them it’s a job and they have many options out in the workplace. To build a great team you need to find that balance very quickly.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “I’m an engineer, so hard problems motivate me. I doubt that will ever change.” SHINING MOMENT “We’ve been able to maintain our culture amidst tremendous growth.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1863% CITY Vineyard FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 142 INDUSTRY Cosmetic manufacturing WEBSITE DynamicBlending.com FOUNDER Gavin V. Collier, 38 THE COMPANY A full turn-key contract manufacturer of private label cosmetics.
BRIGHT SPOTS Our No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company last year is still growing strong with dynamic partnerships, $13.3 million in sales, and a 120,000-square-foot footprint . GOALS 1. “Add additional capabilities (i.e. equipment).” 2. “Hit $7 million EBITDA within the next 1.5 years.” 3. “Continue to grow our customer base.” ADVICE “Most companies go out of business during extreme growth due to their inability to manage it. Build a team that can manage it carefully.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we decided to lower our Minimum Order Quantities. We discovered a large segment of customers were denied the opportunity to manufacture their product because they only wanted 1,000 units. We created an area within our facility to service those smaller customers. This opened the door to them and to us. The big companies like to start small, too, which allowed us to grow certain brands together.” SHINING MOMENT “When we hit our 100th employee hire. We built Dynamic from the ground up and often worked until 3 and 4 a.m. To see our company mature to that point made all the suffering worth it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,372% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 217 INDUSTRY  Employee engagement/awards WEBSITE Award.co FOUNDER Steve Sonnenberg, 40 THE COMPANY An employee recognition software platform partnered with Amazon Business.
BRIGHT SPOTS Y’all better recognize. This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is keeping the awards coming by seamlessly partnering with Amazon Business, doing $50 million in sales last year and revolutionizing the recognition industry. GOALS 1. “Recognize the good and reward the value we bring to each other.” 2. “Organize the world’s incentive spend through increased growth and capabilities. We’ll measure this by how much money in redemptions we process each year. We want to process $1B a year in the near future.” 3. “Build a strong global presence in EMEA, LATM, and APAC regions.” ADVICE “Build a 3-year financial model. It will always be wrong, but as you work weekly to understand it, you’ll continue to build something solid.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we decided to start building something that could integrate with Amazon. Before that we were doing things like other recognition companies. When we innovated and had big dreams, that’s when the light went off for me.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Failure. And I’ve failed a lot.” SHINING MOMENT “It’s coming in the next few months. Let’s see if I can Babe Ruth it!”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,244% CITY Vineyard FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 51  INDUSTRY Jewelry/eCommerce/wedding WEBSITE ManlyBands.com FOUNDERS  Johnathan Ruggiero, 40; Michelle Luchese, 42 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer ecommerce retailer of men’s wedding rings.
BRIGHT SPOTS Manly Bands’ ears must be ringing. BusinessQ named them the No. 1 Startup to Watch just last year — and now they’re making the rounds on this speedy list. The company — made famous for selling “badass men’s wedding rings” — has soared with unique products, expert marketing and prime partnerships with giants like the MLB and Jack Daniels.  GOALS 1. “Expand our product lines.” 2. “Grow internationally.” 3. “Develop a wholesale program.” ADVICE “Spend time finding quality talent to provide new perspectives and fresh ideas to grow your business.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we realized other men also had a poor experience trying to find a wedding band — and that we had the skillset to provide a solution.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Seeing our team’s passion, talent and dedication to Manly Bands’ growth and success fuels us. We all succeed together.” SHINING MOMENT “Being named one of Inc. Best Workplaces 2021 and the Inc. 500.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,228% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 200 INDUSTRY  Dental Communication Services WEBSITE GetCallForce.com FOUNDER Cory Pinegar, 27 THE COMPANY A dental solutions company that provides communication services for dental offices located throughout the United States.
BRIGHT SPOTS In just five short years, this former UV50 Startup to Watch has become a force in the dental industry with fast growth and rising revenue. Powered by real, live people (rather than robots or software), CallForce is used by thousands of dental practices — and their professional schedulers each make more than 25,000 calls per year. GOALS 1. “More growth.” 2. “Fine tune our systems.” 3. “Enhance employee engagement.” ADVICE “Focus on project market fit. Also, work really damn hard and treat everyone well.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Every time I bet on my people, they always come through for me.” SHINING MOMENT “Watching people become leaders in the workplace.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,126% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 79 INDUSTRY Residential solar/sales WEBSITE EncorSolar.com FOUNDER Dan Larkin, 36; Jeremy Smith, 36; Jared Biesinger, 34 THE COMPANY A full-service solar provider.

BRIGHT SPOTS Encor Solar is soaking up the sun. The 5-year-old company did nearly $40 million in sales in 2020; has a strategic focus on culture/infrastructure/ investment; is taking advantage of a growing, sustainable market; and is energized to better the planet. GOALS 1. “To bring clean renewable solar energy to 1 million new homes in a year.” 2. “To pioneer a touchless, consumer driven e-commerce buying experience for rooftop solar.” 3. “To introduce consumer finance products for solar that make solar less expensive for homeowners, not more.” ADVICE “Growth will naturally follow additive value offered.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “We are catching a momentous opportunity as well as making a huge impact on the future of our planet.” SHINING MOMENT “We had an employee suffer from a stroke earlier this year. Our entire sales force around the country dedicated an entire day to closing deals in his honor and donating their commissions to his recovery. I am very proud of the efforts people went through to support someone many of them hardly knew. ”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,047%  CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 36 INDUSTRY  Consumer Goods WEBSITE ThreadWallets.com FOUNDERS Colby Bauer, 31; McKenzie Bauer, 29 THE COMPANY Provider of carry accessories like wallets, lanyards and cases.
BRIGHT SPOTS Good things come in small packages. Thread Wallets has brought style and substance to the “carry” market, dominating with more than $12 million in sales last year and a loyal community of fans. GOALS 1. “Establish the ‘Carry On Foundation,’ which will help youth with mental health issues through boardsports.” 2. “Become the go-to brand for all things ‘Carry.’” 3. “Make Thread the best place to work.” ADVICE “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s end.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “The desire to take care of our employees and their families.” SHINING MOMENT “In 2018, we were selected as the #3 Startup to Watch by the UV50. This was the first award we ever received. It completely blew us away and was so humbling to be recognized by the community that helped us get our start. That’s when we realized what we were doing was noteworthy and could reach the potential we saw in it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 999% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 12 INDUSTRY X-ray imaging WEBSITE TurnerXRay.com FOUNDER D. Clark Turner, 60 THE COMPANY A developer of X-Ray imaging technologies with portability, workflow, acquisition, wireless, and battery capabilities.
BRIGHT SPOTS Turner Imaging Systems has the X-factor: Not only are they raising capital and growing in a flash, they are the creators of the Smart-C — the world’s first battery-powered, wireless, hyper-portable, mini c-arm providing high quality digital fluoroscopic imaging. GOALS 1. “Grow revenues from $2M per year to $50M per year.” 2. “Develop a higher power device for full-body imaging.” 3. “Develop a low-cost 3D device that provides ‘in-office’ equivalent to a CT scanner.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 there were tens of thousands of people killed. I had doctors phoning my office to see if they could image crushed bones with my portable dental X-Ray device. That device was underpowered for medical use, so I knew I needed to develop a battery-powered field portable medical X-Ray system.” SHINING MOMENT “Getting FDA clearance is certainly the most validating moment for the company.  But when our device was used for the first time on the sidelines of a BYU football game, it was great to know our technology was making a difference for the team!”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 603% CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 26 INDUSTRY  Manufacturing/eCommerce WEBSITE AudreyandBear.com FOUNDER Rachel Quarnberg, 36 THE COMPANY A manufacturer/retailer of customizable baby products.
BRIGHT SPOTS Audrey & Bear is just warming up. The manufacturer — best known for its swaddle blankets — now offers a variety of products from towels and clothes to accessories and decor. They did nearly $3 million in sales last year, and they have a heart for charity. For every swaddle sold, Audrey & Bear donates a swaddle to a baby in a NICU or in a pediatric care center.  GOALS 1. “Take it to the next step of growth.” 2. “Implement all the processes we’ve been working on and documenting.” 3. “Get more blankets in NICUs.” ADVICE “Be patient. Don’t rush it.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “It was the middle of the night, and I had an idea to create something special and unique for my second daughter.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “New ideas.” 


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 561% CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 26 INDUSTRY eCommerce WEBSITE Gathre.com FOUNDER Marilee Killpack, 33; Devin Killpack, 37; Jessica Eraso, 32 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer eCommerce company that sells modern leather goods.
BRIGHT SPOTS Gather round. This story begins with a leather mat that was designed to be a portable place for families to gather on the go. Six years and a variety of products later, Gathre has become an ecommerce destination and community where function meets beauty. (And the original leather mat is still the No. 1 bestseller.) GOALS 1. “Branching out into the furniture and the home goods space.” 2. “Continue to grow our A+ team.” 3. “ We have our eyes set on some big collaborations in the future.” ADVICE “Keep your priorities straight. If those are correct, everything else falls into place. Also, chocolate.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “A big one was in 2017 when we had a breakout year and realized this could actually become something.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Our mission to connect families, my incredible business partners, and my own little family.” SHINING MOMENT “We always say this, but we are most proud of the people we get to work with. They are family to us, and it’s an honor to work with them everyday.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 433% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2011 EMPLOYEES 236  INDUSTRY Fintech WEBSITE SimpleNexus.com FOUNDER Matt Hansen, 43 THE COMPANY A homeownership platform connecting borrowers, loan officers, real estate partners, and settlement providers throughout the homebuying process.
BRIGHT SPOTS It’s simple, really: SimpleNexus, which earned $20 million last year, has experienced incredible growth by finding a hole in the mortgage market, transforming the industry with an easy-to-use app, and executing the product with hard-fought simplicity. GOALS 1. “Reach $100M in annual revenue.” 2. “Streamline the homeownership journey for Americans.” 3. “To build a culture of a group so tight-knit that we are all friends for life.” ADVICE “Don’t let your desire for growth overcome the need for frugality.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “I can’t say there has been a moment. The stage seems to be gradually lighting up with a large scene as opposed to a single spotlight.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Innovation. And culture.” SHINING MOMENT “When we gather as an organization in person and the warm feelings that come with it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 393% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 180  INDUSTRY Dental/software WEBSITE DentalIntel.com FOUNDER Weston Lunsford, 42 THE COMPANY A software provider that tracks, analyzes and automates dental practices.
BRIGHT SPOTS Dental Intelligence is positively beaming. They did over $21 million in sales last year, they acquired LocalMed and Modento, and more than 8,000 dental practices use their software to smartly grow their practices. GOALS 1. “Help create opportunities for dentists to provide 50 million smiles.” 2. “Grow revenue 40% each year over the next three years.” 3. “Double our employee headcount and create more jobs.” ADVICE “Be passionate about the service or product you provide. Make sure you take care of your customers so they want to be life-time buyers!” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Realizing there was no solution for our problem in the dental industry — so we created it.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Helping team members and solving problems in dental offices every day.” SHINING MOMENT “Being able to provide the assistance and clarity that was needed during the pandemic.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 381% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 40 INDUSTRY Manufacturing WEBSITE NaturesFusions.com FOUNDER CJ Peterson, 34 THE COMPANY A full-service manufacturing and packaging company in the essential oil, cosmetic, and supplement industry.
BRIGHT SPOTS From a one-bedroom apartment to outgrowing their space four times, Nature’s Fusions is operating with the essentials: oils, creativity and integrity. Their products are sold in hundreds of stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe. GOALS 1. “Close the door on all of our Covid-19 projects.” 2. “Legally split the company’s manufacturing arm from its many brands, opening the door for a future exit.” 3. “Increase EBIDTA to above 35% for a 12-month period of time.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Our accounting team showed us that 80% of our labor costs were only accounting for 5% of our revenue. We eliminated that specific type of revenue stream, and our efficiencies across the board increased exponentially.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “A clean and well-executed Excel file. LOL.” SHINING MOMENT “Successfully delivering an impossible amount of product to a customer while stuck in a building 4x too small, all over a national holiday.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 310% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 161 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE JobNimbus.com FOUNDER Ben Hodson, 45 THE COMPANY A CRM software company that gives contractors a better tool for project management.
BRIGHT SPOTS JobNimbus is built right. Founded by three friends with entrepreneurial mindsets, tech backgrounds, and a drive for problem solving, the company — which did nearly $10 million in sales last year — is primed for contractors to organize with ease and expertise. GOALS 1. “Dominate home exteriors software.” 2. “Have the best company culture in the United States.” 3. “Achieve $1 billion valuation.” ADVICE “Focus on culture and values first, then process second. And finally, align everything around the company mission.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we spoke to home exterior contractors and realized the problem was big enough that we were uniquely positioned to solve this problem in a truly innovative way.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Our company mission is: ‘Make Contractors Heroes.’ We love our customers and want them to be the heroes of their own stories.” SHINING MOMENT “Becoming the No. 1 software in home exteriors. It shows we’re achieving our company mission.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 268% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 1,339 (521 employees, 818 contractors) INDUSTRY Renewable energy/solar WEBSITE BlueRavenSolar.com VP Kyle Baum, 37 THE COMPANY A full-service residential solar company.
BRIGHT SPOTS The sun’s coming out for Blue Raven Solar — bet their bottom dollar. This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company did $124 million in revenue last year and has shifted 4.2 Billion kWh of energy to clean renewable solar energy. That’s the equivalent of ~3 million metric tons of carbon emissions, or taking more than 656,000 cars off the road for a year, or reducing gasoline consumption by over 339 million gallons. GOALS 1. “Continue to be the highest-reviewed solar company and provide exceptional customer service.” 2. “Expand our product offerings to allow customers to achieve energy independence and increase their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy.” 3. “Become the industry leader for residential solar in the United States.” ADVICE “Hiring is key, and most companies aren’t great at it. It’s never too early to have a structured hiring process.” SHINING MOMENT “Being ranked #20 on Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work in 2021, ahead of companies like Nike and Apple.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 218% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 358 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE RandRBBQ.com PRESIDENT Neil Harfert, 56 THE COMPANY A fast casual barbecue restaurant.
BRIGHT SPOTS R&R BBQ has the meats — and the leadership, and the systems, and the quality, and the partnerships, and the growth. Founded by 9-time grand pit master champions Rod and Rodger Livingston, and armed with an investment from the Savory Fund, R&R’s slow-cooked goods have become fast favorites and grown to 13 locations across three states. GOALS 1. “Expand to 18 locations by the end of 2022.” 2. “Expand leadership team.” 3. “Refine new store opening processes to prepare for rapid growth.” ADVICE “Invest in your people; pay up front for leadership talent and experience so that a strong plan and processes are developed at small-scale that will pay dividends as sales volumes scale.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “The infusion of capital from the Savory Fund; it validated the brand and the bright future we have.” SHINING MOMENT “Opening two new markets despite the challenges Covid has presented.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 199% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 663 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE MoBettahs.com FOUNDERS Kalani Mack, 52; Kimo Mack, 51 THE COMPANY A fast casual restaurant serving Hawaiian-style food.
BRIGHT SPOTS Mo ono grindz, mo growth. Mo’ Bettahs has been serving up aloha for 13 years. Backed by the Savory Fund, their delicious reputation has led to nearly $30 million in sales last year and 22 restaurants — with 17 Mo’ on the way! GOALS 1. “Ensure an authentic Hawaiian product to our customers.” 2. “Create opportunities for growth for our teams” 3. “Grow our brands into new markets — spread da Aloha!” ADVICE “Keep it simple!” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “We’re excited to expand to new markets and find our extended ohana.” SHINING MOMENT “It means a lot that people have let us be a part of their lives and share our food and culture with them. Not bad for two bradahs from Hawaii.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 167% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 40 INDUSTRY  Automotive WEBSITE ActionAutoUtah.com FOUNDER Jason Berry, 31 THE COMPANY A used car dealership.
BRIGHT SPOTS Action Auto Sales and Finance is stepping on the gas — and not letting up.  It has two locations (Orem and Lehi), offers nationwide shipping and onsite financing, created a software company complementary to the dealership, did more than $41 million in sales last year, and is transforming the way customer service is done in the used car industry. GOALS 1. “Open a third store.” 2. “Open a full recon facility.” 3. “$50 million in gross revenue.” ADVICE “Empower your employees. And don’t strive for perfection — strive for progress.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Progress.” SHINING MOMENT “Selling over 270 vehicles in one month.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 146% CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 48 INDUSTRY Marketing WEBSITE GoRevity.com FOUNDERS Jarrett Webster, 31; Daniel Webster, 36; Jason Ryser, 36 THE COMPANY A full-service advertising and marketing agency.
BRIGHT SPOTS Revity, which did nearly $2 million in sales last year, is revved and ready for growth, thanks to its mantra of being both employee-focused and client-obsessed. GOALS 1. “To grow 25%-30% year over year for the next 5 years.” 2. “Turnover is inevitable. Our goal is that when people leave, they are taking big steps up in their careers that we helped prepare them for.” 3. “Increase the average life of a client by 5%-10% every year.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “We started working with a Utah-based e-commerce company. They were already fairly well established in their niche, but we were able to implement strategies that increased their annual revenue by 5x within the first year. That was a major ‘we are on to something’ moment.” SHINING MOMENT “2020 was a hard year for a lot of people. We’re proud of the way our team came out of those trials stronger.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 133% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 159  INDUSTRY Marketing/Advertising WEBSITE DisruptiveAdvertising.com FOUNDER Jacob Baadsgaard, 36 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency.
BRIGHT SPOTS Disruption for the win! Disruptive Advertising — a former UV50 Startup to Watch — has become a marketing mastermind with more than $20 million in sales last year and purpose-driven strategies specifically tailored to each client. GOALS 1. “Keep growing and evolving. We’re committed to doing so in a sustainable and authentic way.” 2. “We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we will continue to invest heavily into the growth of our employees and making a difference in our communities.” ADVICE “Define your purpose, and enjoy the journey. Celebrate the wins and learn from the failures. If growth is your only goal, you likely won’t enjoy the journey, or even the destination.” SHINING MOMENT “We didn’t have to lay off or furlough one employee during Covid, or in the history of our company, and we actually increased a majority of our employees’ salaries in April of 2020. Much of this is attributed to our mindset on growth: If you invest in your employees, this will translate to the success of the business as a whole.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 113% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 180 INDUSTRY Private equity WEBSITE Tesani.com FOUNDER Travis Hansen, 43 THE COMPANY A holding company that starts, buys, and invests in companies.
BRIGHT SPOTS Tesani knows when to hold ‘em. Their portfolio of companies includes an HR software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses; an award-winning fintech company aimed to provide credit to those in financial need; a team of experts who specialize in strategy, design, and custom software development; a real estate firm specializing in multi-family apartment properties; and a non-profit — Sunshine Heroes Foundation — that has built 10 projects around the world helping children and families in health and education. GOALS 1. “Be grateful every day.” 2. “Solve interesting problems.” 3. “Be genuinely kind and take time to help people along the way.”  4. “Don’t have fun. Be fun.” ADVICE “Build an A+ team. Be disciplined. Be focused.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “A lunch meeting with Blake Roney.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “My fear of regret.” SHINING MOMENT “Built 10 children’s centers around the world, met amazing people, made new friends, traveled around the world, solved interesting problems, and enjoyed the ride.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 93% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 45  INDUSTRY PEO WEBSITE ZampHR.com FOUNDER Garth Allred, 58; Craig Allred, 56 THE COMPANY A PEO that provides comprehensive HR solutions for small- and mid-size businesses.
BRIGHT SPOTS Zamp is ramping up. The company — which did nearly $30 million last year — has upped the PEO landscape with an experienced team, zero debt, fast growth, and flexibility. GOALS 1. “Provide service to our clients that enables them to succeed in business more fully.” 2. “Provide value to our employees through personal growth, healthy compensation, and a work culture that encourages top performance.” 3. “Stay focused on what we do best — and do more of it.” ADVICE “Be flexible enough in your offering that you can pivot to something better if the market warrants it.” SHINING MOMENT “When Covid unleashed itself in March 2020, we proactively purchased new computer equipment, phones, printers, scanners, and 3 monitors per employee and sent them home to work. This all occurred on the Friday before the Monday that Amazon ran out of product. We didn’t believe we could work from home as a company and be as successful. Now, we give our employees the option of working from home, from the office, or both. We are a better company because of it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 93% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2009 EMPLOYEES 239 INDUSTRY Call center/BPO services WEBSITE SqueezeMedia.com FOUNDER Carson Poppenger, 45 THE COMPANY A provider of call center services, business process outsourcing, and marketing services for a variety of industries.
BRIGHT SPOTS Squeeze this: A pristine reputation, top-notch leadership, big-time clients, premier certifications, and more than $4 million in revenue last year. GOALS  1. “Continue our growth and add more premier brands.” 2. “In 2016, Capital One cut my credit limit when I was funding the business entirely with credit cards. My goal is for them to be our customer one day and pay us big time.” 3. “Double our staff and maintain our employee-friendly culture.”  THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we signed our first client and received a check for $2,500, it validated the work. We used that money to rent a small office in Orem and buy furniture. I have that check framed in my office.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “I’m sneaky competitive. We enjoy going head to head against other teams. Our performance is often so much better, they are left wondering how we outperformed them so badly.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 77% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 86  INDUSTRY Data analytics/privacy software WEBSITE ObservePoint.com FOUNDER John Pestana, 47 THE COMPANY A provider of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance.

BRIGHT SPOTS Let’s observe, shall we? Powerful leadership, top tech, 300+ enterprise customers, $15+ million in sales in 2020, world-class clients, and innumerable awards. #pointtaken GOALS 1. “Continue to build products that deliver great customer experience.” 2. “Build a happy workplace where employees feel respected and needed.” 3. “Be a positive force in our community.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When I was at Omniture, the biggest problem we had was customers keeping our product implemented in a complex web environment. This problem exists for thousands of technologies and the millions of companies that use them. We want to help ensure the digital customer experience is great.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Every day I am excited to help people. Our customers rely on us, and that lights a spark in me.” SHINING MOMENT “A new platform launch we had in June. We had worked for a year on updating our data infrastructure and reporting. It is now live and our customers are loving it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 74% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 88  INDUSTRY Digital Marketing WEBSITE BigLeap.com FOUNDER Bryan Phelps, 37 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency specializing in four core channels: SEO, content marketing, social media, and marketing automation.
BRIGHT SPOTS Big Leap keeps getting bigger by leaps and bounds — generating nearly $11 million in revenue in 2020 — but their core values stay the same. Customer retention, creativity, culture — this award-winning agency has acquired key companies and focused on steady, sturdy growth. GOALS 1. “Expansion of services.” 2. “Continued focus on excellent client retention.” 3. “High eNPS / employee satisfaction.” ADVICE “Focus on people, product, processes.” THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “It came from working at other agencies before Big Leap existed. We were born from seeing why those agencies struggled to deliver and then trying to do things the right way.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Finding opportunities for change and growth.” SHINING MOMENT “I’m most proud of how our organization stays focused. We view our journey as a marathon, not a sprint. Steady and regular growth > flash in the pan moments of success.”

30. JANE

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 67% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 187 INDUSTRY Retail WEBSITE Jane.com CEO Taleeb Noormohamed, 44 THE COMPANY A curated marketplace that brings small boutiques and big brands together to offer daily deals.

BRIGHT SPOTS There’s nothing plain about this Jane. The Lehi business — and former UV50 Startup to Watch — transformed its market by uplifting both small sellers and big brands. It now has 635k followers on Instagram, did a staggering $246 million in revenue last year, and has created a dedicated fanbase. GOALS 1. “International expansion.” 2. “Reimagining social commerce.” 

3. “Ensuring we continue to build and empower our amazing network of sellers.” ADVICE “Take intelligent, managed risks. Look at opportunities others may not have taken — and be willing to be bold.” WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Someone telling me something can’t be done. It’s the easiest way in the world to get me going.” SHINING MOMENT “How we came together and rallied to build and grow our business — working remotely — when the pandemic hit. Our entire team found ways to get creative and find solutions to the challenges we were dealing with. It enabled the business to thrive.”

THE FINE PRINT The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2017-2020. The base year of 2017 must have a revenue of at least $50,000. (Reason? We want these growth percentages to be meaningful and accurate.) Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibilities for companies that did not apply.