Utah Valley’s Top 50 Companies

Well, this is lit. 
Our 14th annual UV50 is shining with 50 companies energizing our community. Whether speedy, stalwart or startup, their journey from lightbulb to legendary is a bright spot in what’s been a difficult and demanding year full of yellow and red lights.
   Plus, we’re giving the prime lime spotlight to Gail Miller as we invite her to join our UVBQ Hall of Fame. (Cue the Jazz hands!)
   Ready to be inspired? On your mark, get set, glow. 

Fastest-Growing Companies

Get out your sunglasses. These 30 speedsters have green lights for days. Flip the page and buckle up.  

Economic Engines

Let’s turn the spotlight to the companies powering our local economy. These 10 green giants are employing thousands, garnering fame, giving back, and sharing the light.

Start Ups To Watch

Talk about bright futures. These 10 startups are flipping the switch hard and fast. Get ready to bask in the glow of their youthful good looks.