2022 Fastest-Growing Companies

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THREE-YEAR GROWTH 41,164% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 160 INDUSTRY Fragrance/Technology WEBSITE TryPura.com FOUNDERS Bruno Lima; Richie Stapler THE COMPANY A smart-home fragrance company.
HIGH NOTES Pin a rose on their nose, because Pura is making all kinds of scents. The smart-home fragrance company is dominating its market, pioneering new ones, and partnering with world-class companies (like Disney, Anthropologie, Kenneth Cole, and Tommy Bahama). After bursting at the office seams for years, Pura now occupies 66,000 square feet of space in Pleasant Grove — where it has experienced new energy and astronomical growth.  THE GOALS 1. “We will be the leader in the tech fragrance space.” 2. “We will expand into other fragrance categories.” 3. “We will keep adding the most incredible brand partners to our family.” THE ADVICE “The challenging times are the fun times. What makes work and life fun is the ability to get through hard things. Stay the course and fight for that reward.” PROUD MOMENT “Moving into our new office space and feeling the energy and collaboration in a new way. It invigorated our company to new levels.”



Fashion/eCommerce WEBSITE BalticBorn.com FOUNDERS Marianne Liljenquist, 30; Angela Liljenquist, 33; Allison Hunt, 36 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer women’s clothing company.

HIGH NOTES Baltic Born is wear it’s at. Last year’s No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company on the UV50 started as a “hobby” and has grown into a multi-million dollar clothing empire that just ranked #14 on the 2022 Inc. 500. THE GOALS 1. “Exceed $100 million in annual sales by 2023.” 2. “Expand our brand presence globally.” 3. “Expand our brand portfolio to fulfill more of our customers’ needs: beauty, wellness, men’s apparel, etc.” THE ADVICE “Never quit if it’s something you’re passionate about. Take pride in your communication strategy. Make sacrifices.” PROUD MOMENT “When we exceeded 1 million products sold since launching the business. Also buying a 30,000-square-foot office space in Silicon Slopes to keep up with the growing demand for our brand. We moved in this year, and we can’t wait for what’s to come.”



Medical Equipment WEBSITE TurnerXRay.com FOUNDER Tom Youd, 52 THE COMPANY A developer of X-Ray imaging technologies with portability, workflow, acquisition, wireless and battery capabilities.
HIGH NOTES Talk about the X factor. Turner Imaging Systems is raising capital, pioneering an industry, and growing in a flash. They are the creators of the Smart-C — the world’s first battery-powered, wireless, hyper-portable, mini c-arm providing high-quality digital fluoroscopic imaging. THE GOALS 1. “Grow revenues to $50M per year.” 2. “Develop a portable full-body imaging device.” 3. “Develop a low-cost 3D device that provides an ‘in-office’ equivalent of a CT scanner.” THE ADVICE “Hire a core group that takes ownership of the output, gives honest feedback, and works as a team. Get the funding lined up — you have to be funded adequately or you can’t get to the next milestone.” PROUD MOMENT “The Smart-C was used to enable life-altering limb deformity corrective surgery for 11 patients in a rural west African village.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 2,837% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2017 EMPLOYEES 350 at corporate; 1,200 in Utah stores INDUSTRY Food and Beverage WEBSITE CrumblCookies.com FOUNDERS Jason McGowan, 40; Sawyer Hemsley, 30 THE COMPANY A cookie shop and delivery company.
HIGH NOTES Crumbl Cookies is a hot cookie hot spot. The nation’s fastest-growing gourmet cookie delivery and takeout company — known for its pink boxes and weekly-rotating menu — is a franchise-model business that has nearly 500 stores across the United States, 3 million followers on Instagram, and 6 million followers on TikTok. THE GOALS 1. “Provide the best possible customer experience for both our Crumbl communities and our franchise partners.” 2. “Become one of the top food & beverage brands in the world.” 3. “Expand globally.” THE ADVICE “Don’t be afraid. Our growth has been challenging in some ways, but in others, it’s been our greatest asset. Learn along the way and don’t be afraid to pivot based on what you experience as you grow.” PROUD MOMENT “Seeing how Crumbl has impacted people’s lives is the most rewarding. It was also pretty awesome when our app won a Golden Stevie and ranked #2 in the food & beverage category of the App store.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 715% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 106 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE Whistic.com FOUNDER Nick Sorensen, 38 THE COMPANY A provider of proactive vendor security software.
HIGH NOTES Whistic is whisking by the competition. The vendor security software company landed an exclusive partnership with a coalition of nine of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley, it’s raised more than $50 million since its founding, and it’s trusted by the greats: Airbnb, Okta, Zendesk, Asana, Atlassian, Snap, Notion, TripActions, and G2. THE GOALS 1. “Cross 1,000 paid enterprise customers.” 2. “Make the Whistic Profile the industry-recognized standard for vendor security.” 3. “Eliminate the need for companies to send and respond to security questionnaires.” THE ADVICE “Start with a great culture and build a great team that aligns with your values.” PROUD MOMENT “Recent results of our employee net promoter score (eNPS) survey = 88.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 672% CITY Vineyard FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 51 INDUSTRY Jewelry/eCommerce/Wedding WEBSITE ManlyBands.com FOUNDERS Johnathan Ruggiero, 41; Michelle Luchese, 43 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer ecommerce retailer of men’s wedding rings.
HIGH NOTES Manly Bands’ ears must be ringing. This former No. 1 Startup to Watch is making the rounds (and making us look like geniuses for selecting them). The company — made famous for selling “badass men’s wedding rings” — has soared with unique products, expert marketing, prime partnerships (with giants like the MLB and Jack Daniels) and a foray into winsome women’s rings. THE GOALS 1. “Expand our product lines.” 2. “Grow internationally.” 3. “Develop a wholesale program.” THE ADVICE “Spend time finding quality talent to provide new perspectives and fresh ideas to grow a business.” PROUD MOMENT “Being named one of Inc.’s Best Workplaces in 2021.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 605% CITY Vineyard  FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 142 INDUSTRY Cosmetic Manufacturing WEBSITE DynamicBlending.com FOUNDER Gavin V. Collier, 39 THE COMPANY A full turn-key contract manufacturer of private label cosmetics.

HIGH NOTES This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is still dynamite with dynamic partnerships, millions in revenue, and a 120,000-square-foot footprint in Lindon. THE ADVICE “Most companies go out of business during extreme growth due to their inability to manage it. Build a team that can manage it carefully.” THE GOALS 1. “Add additional capabilities (i.e. equipment).” 2. “Continue to grow our customer base.” PROUD MOMENT “When we made our 100th employee hire. We built Dynamic from the ground up and often worked until 3 and 4 a.m. To see our company mature to that point made all the suffering worth it.”



Digital Communication Services WEBSITE GetCallForce.com FOUNDER Cory Pinegar, 28 THE COMPANY A dental solutions company that provides communication services for dental offices located throughout the United States.

HIGH NOTES In just six short years, this former UV50 Startup to Watch (and formerly known as CallForce) has become a force in the dental industry with fast growth and rising revenue. Powered by real, live people (rather than robots or software), Reach is used by thousands of dental practices — and their professional schedulers have made 1.2 million appointments and each make more than 25,000 calls per year. THE ADVICE “Focus on project market fit. Also, work really damn hard and treat everyone well.” THE GOALS 1. “More growth.” 2. “Fine tune our systems.” 3. “Enhance employee engagement.” PROUD MOMENT “Watching people become leaders in the workplace.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 460% CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 4 INDUSTRY Fashion/Accessories/Travel WEBSITE  KodiakLeather.com FOUNDER Jared Morse, 38  THE COMPANY A creator of heirloom quality leather pieces.

HIGH NOTES Kodiak Leather Co. has got the goods. Not only does the family-owned business sell leather pieces built to last, it raised $1 million on Kickstarter, created a reliable team, is brimming with 5-Star Google reviews, and launched a hit backpack collab with The Bucket List family. THE GOALS 1. “Hit $10 million in revenue.” 2. “Continue to innovate and offer new and unique designs and products.” 3. “Make a difference in the community by giving back.” THE ADVICE “Build good teams, whether they are in-house or hired companies/contractors. Find the people who are the best at what they do, and follow their advice.” PROUD MOMENT “We’ve been the most excited about working with VC backed Agora Brands to help move the company forward.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 448% CITY Springville FOUNDED 2004 EMPLOYEES 145 INDUSTRY Home Services WEBSITE FiveStarFranchising.com FOUNDER Scott Abbott, 47 THE COMPANY A franchise development company.

HIGH NOTES Five Star Franchising is earning all its stars and stripes. This UV50 all-star has 720 franchise territories in North America, 2,500-plus people employed across all locations, and sports $220 million in system-wide revenue. THE GOALS 1. “$1 billion in system wide revenue in five years.” 2. “2,500 franchise locations.” 3. “10,000 people employed by Five Star locations.” THE ADVICE “If you want to grow, be prepared to do things differently. Feed what works and starve what doesn’t.” PROUD MOMENT “8-figure EBITDA trailing 12 months in 2022.”



Financial Technology WEBSITE Lendio.com FOUNDER Brock Blake, 41 THE COMPANY An online loan marketplace.

HIGH NOTES Lendio is splendio. They’ve helped 300,000+ small businesses, done $13 billion in funds, revolutionized the PPP program, and now have 500+ employees developing new ways to make small business borrowing simpler and better. THE GOALS 1. “Lead the industry in automated, self-service funding solutions for small businesses.”THE ADVICE “If you cannot trust your frontline managers to drive growth, you cannot grow. Strategy for growth comes from the top. Execution for growth does not.” PROUD MOMENT “The Payroll Protection Program launched with the best of intentions, but banks were ill-equipped to process the loans and get money to the smallest of business owners. We knew we had the capability to reconfigure our marketplace and meet their needs. Rallying our teams — from engineering to sales, from New York to Lehi — it was going to take every one of us to make this worth the gamble. Witnessing people pull together during one of the hardest times in our lives was nothing short of spectacular. In those moments of uncertainty, you learn what your company and culture are made of.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 349% CITY Vineyard  FOUNDED 2017 EMPLOYEES 3 INDUSTRY Jewelry/Fashion WEBSITE IkaikaStudios.com FOUNDER Tristen Ikaika, 23 THE COMPANY A ring company specializing in hyped up drops around new designs, while expanding to include both apparel and fragrance.
HIGH NOTES Ring drops that sell out in minutes is this company’s middle name. And Ikaika is Tristen’s middle name, making this company a ringer. After appearing on Shark Tank and in Forbes, Ikaika is expanding the brand to evergreen styles as well as emotion-based designs.  THE GOALS 1. “Stop spraying our rings with another brand’s fragrance and create our own custom scent for us to take to market.” 2. “Complete the rebrand to Ikaika after dropping my first name from the brand.” 3. “Continue to build a team around me. I’ve held onto things for too long by myself.” THE ADVICE “If you don’t force yourself to take step one, you’ll never take steps two through 10. Throw yourself off the cliff and everything will start falling into place.” PROUD MOMENT “Getting a deal on Shark Tank was legendary. But I’m also proud of the little moments of meeting cool people and talking to them on the street about what our brand means to them. I love hearing about the emotions people experience and then creating rings for our community.” 



Software WEBSITE JobNimbus.com FOUNDER Ben Hodson, 46 THE COMPANY A CRM software company that gives contractors a better tool for project management. 

HIGH NOTES JobNimbus be nimble, JobNimbus be quick. Not only is it helping construction companies build a better way of management, JobNimbus is getting awards for its own culture, acquiring key companies like Engage, and becoming No. 1 in its market. THE GOALS 1. “Creating 250,000 more construction jobs.” 2. “Creating 500 jobs at JobNimbus.” 3. “Improving 8 million homeowners’ experiences with their construction contractor.” THE ADVICE “Be laser-focused and say no to more things. It’s easy to think big and want to tackle everything at once, but take time to plan, find a focus, and center everything you do around it.” PROUD MOMENT “Our customer events are special to us, specifically our annual JobNimbus Solution Summit, which is an in-person user conference where we get our customers and employees together in the same place. Last year, we hosted JNSS in Cabo with ~227 customers and ~50 employees, and it was the best one we’ve had. No other company in our space does anything like it. We find so much value in being in-person with our customers to connect with them and help them achieve their goals.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 316% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2004 EMPLOYEES 104 INDUSTRY Manufacturing WEBSITE FlexstoneProducts.com FOUNDER Matt Wilson, 44 THE COMPANY A manufacturer of a shower wall surround that looks just like real stone but is made from lightweight composite materials.

HIGH NOTES Design Imaging is being showered with success thanks to its supply chain mastery and excellence; its presence in big box stores like The Home Depot and Lowes; and innovative new products with a broad appeal. THE GOALS 1. “Reach $100M in annual revenue.” 2. “Do it profitably.” 3. “Use it to make a difference for our people.” THE ADVICE “Customer satisfaction is critical to expansion, and passionate employees drive customer satisfaction. Develop a culture that drives employee passion.” PROUD MOMENT “We doubled. Then we doubled again in back-to-back pandemic years. Watching our people drive that, rise to that, and grow personally from that sure makes me smile.”



INDUSTRY eCommerce/Consumer goods WEBSITE ThreadWallets.com FOUNDERS Colby Bauer, 32; McKenzie Bauer, 30 THE COMPANY Provider and creator of carry accessories like wallets, lanyards and cases. 
HIGH NOTES Thread Wallets is lifting up its community. The carry accessory company does 8 figures in revenue, has dominated (and brought personality to) its market, and created the Carry On Foundation to support kids and mental health. Carry on, Thread! THE GOALS 1. “Help inspire and enable people to Carry On.” 2. “Become the category leader in all things ‘carry’ (bags, wallets, accessories).” 3. “Line up a collaboration with Disney.” THE ADVICE “Hire smart, fire slow.” PROUD MOMENT “I’m proud to have launched the Carry On Foundation that puts our money where our mouth is. We focus on teaching youth mental skills through action sports and outdoor recreation.”



INDUSTRY Food and Beverage WEBSITE MoBettahs.com FOUNDERS Kalani Mack, 53; Kimo Mack, 52 THE COMPANY A fast casual restaurant serving Hawaiian-style food.

HIGH NOTES It just keeps getting bettah. The fast casual Hawaiian restaurant now has more than 30 locations across 5 states. After partnering with Savory Restaurant  Fund, they made strategic hires and growth, but kept serving up that familiar and flavorful island feel. THE GOALS 1. “Reaching 50 units.” 2. “Filling the empty slots in our organization with the best people.” 3. “Producing the best general managers in the industry.” THE ADVICE “The most important investment is in people. The probability of success is highest when your values align with your partners.” PROUD MOMENT “Getting through the pandemic. It’s still going on, but seeing everyone pivot and helping one another as we dealt with the endless challenges was inspiring.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 226% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2009 EMPLOYEES 350 INDUSTRY Business Services/Sales and Marketing WEBSITE GoSqueeze.com FOUNDERS Carson Poppenger, 46; Alejandro Vargas, 53 THE COMPANY A sales experience and sales engagement provider for a variety of industries (mortgage, financial services, healthcare and technology).

HIGH NOTES Talk about squeezing the day. The sales experience expert helps brands accelerate sales, grow revenue and improve profitability. In fact, Squeeze has generated over 855,000 qualified sales opportunities, closed over 100,000 of those opportunities, and generated over $308 million in sales. THE GOALS 1. “Expand our tech vertical focus – capture a larger segment of tech clients in Utah.” 2. “Complete our SOC 2 Certification before the end of 2022.” 3. “Achieve 50MM in gross sales by 2024.” THE ADVICE “Hire talent you can grow into (talent and experience matter as much as attitude and work ethic). Walk away from clients that see you as a vendor. Engage with clients who want a partner.” PROUD MOMENT “Landing PennyMac as a client. This was a massive RFP process and required us to elevate our sales process, documentation and delivery. We continue to pivot, expand and gain momentum in our industry.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 187% CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 56 INDUSTRY Advertising/Marketing WEBSITE GoRevity.com FOUNDER Jarrett Webster, 32; Daniel Webster, 37; Jason Ryser, 37 THE COMPANY A full-service advertising and marketing agency.

HIGH NOTES Revity is revved. It’s employee-focused, customer obsessed, has top-notch Google reviews, and has leveraged its experience to be a key player in its industry. THE GOALS 1. “Zero employee turnover in a rolling 12-month span.” 2. “Double our average client lifespan.” 3. “Continue YoY revenue growth of 20%+ over the next five years.” THE ADVICE “Focus on producing quality and improving people’s lives.” PROUD MOMENT “We have a weekly time set aside for our team to share wins. The moments I love the most are when people share how the value and principles we teach and strive for at Revity have positively impacted their personal and family lives.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 161% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 6,974 INDUSTRY Pest Control WEBSITE GoAptive.com FOUNDERS David Royce, 45; Vess Pearson, 38 THE COMPANY A provider of pest control services.

HIGH NOTES Aptive is one powerful environment. It provides services to customers in 34 states, is the 6th largest pest control company in America, and has partnered with the United Nations Foundation’s “United to Beat Malaria.” THE GOALS 1. “We are focused on building Aptive as a legacy brand that will disrupt the 100-year-old pest control industry by providing world-class customer service and using technology to elevate both the employee and customer experience.” THE ADVICE “Help employees know they are contributing to something greater than their daily tasks. Elevate their vision and open their eyes to see what’s possible. Create an environment where, if someone is earnestly motivated and willing to put in the work, they can accomplish something that previously felt out of reach.” PROUD MOMENT “I’m so proud of how our team exceeded expectations during the heart of Covid. Despite a global pandemic that impacted consumers and businesses far and wide, in 2020, Aptive reached 1.3 million customers and expanded to 1,035 new cities, all while growing its employee base by 24%, its revenue by 33%, and giving back over $1 million to charities across the globe.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 149% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 44 INDUSTRY Automotive WEBSITE ActionAutoUtah.com COO Erik Schofield, 29 THE COMPANY A used car dealership.

HIGH NOTES Action Auto Sales is speeding — in the good way. It has two locations (Orem and Lehi), offers nationwide shipping and onsite financing, created a software company complementary to the dealership, and is transforming the way customer service is done in the used card industry. THE GOALS 1. “Open a third location.” 2. “Make over 300 sales in one month.” 3. “Have over 600 vehicles in inventory.” THE ADVICE “Sit down with every employee in your company at least once a quarter and get to know them and what their goals and dreams are. Find ways to help them work toward and achieve those goals. Make your company mean something in blessing their lives.” PROUD MOMENT “When we collectively sold over 250 vehicles in one month. It was a lot of fun, we broke a record and everyone made a lot of money!”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 143% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 3,000 INDUSTRY Renewable Energy/Solar WEBSITE BlueRavenSolar.com CEO Ben Peterson, 38 THE COMPANY A full-service residential solar company.
HIGH NOTES The sun’s coming out for Blue Raven Solar — bet their bottom dollar. This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company does nine figures in revenue every year, has installed tens of thousands of solar systems across America, and was acquired by SunPower last fall. THE GOALS 1. “Continue to be the highest-reviewed solar company and provide exceptional customer service.” 2. “Expand our product offerings to allow customers to achieve energy independence and increase their reliance on clean and abundant renewable energy.” 3. “Become the industry leader for residential solar in the United States.” THE ADVICE “Reflect your values in your leadership, and seek consensus whenever possible.” PROUD MOMENT “Growing Blue Raven Solar into an Inc. 500 nationally recognized brand known for customer experience and company culture.”



Software/Technology WEBSITE Smarty.com FOUNDER Jonathan Oliver, 42 THE COMPANY A provider of location data intelligence.

HIGH NOTES Location, location, location. Smarty provides enterprise-grade address validation, standardization, and geocoding services in 240+ countries and territories. What’s more, Smarty’s customers process billions (yes, billions!) of addresses each day. THE GOALS 1. “Better coordination between people and teams.” 2. “Build processes and structure around and to support culture.” 3. “Ensuring the company vision (core values, purpose and mission) are instilled through the organization.” THE ADVICE “Listen to your customers.” PROUD MOMENT “Taking company trips to Disney.”

23. SWIG


Food and Beverage WEBSITE SwigDrinks.com FOUNDER Nicole Tanner, 51 THE COMPANY A drive-thru restaurant offering mixed sodas, sweets and treats. 

HIGH NOTES Swig is one tall drink of soda. The home of the iconic “dirty soda” now has 37 locations across six states. They partnered with Savory Restaurant Fund five years ago, and their forays into new markets like Oklahoma and Texas are proving the soda stans will follow Swig anywhere. THE GOALS 1. “Stay consistent in our company core values.” 2. “Build out the team so we can open many locations in outer markets like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nevada, etc.” 3. “Open 20 new locations within the next 12 months.” THE ADVICE “Focus on refining systems and procedures so you are ready for the growth when the opportunity arises. Slow and steady wins the race.” PROUD MOMENT “Starting our Save the Cups foundation, which is an organization that pays the medical bills for women fighting breast cancer. We have raised over $300,000 in just two years.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 123% CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2001 EMPLOYEES 520 INDUSTRY Training/eLearning WEBSITE ELBlearning.com FOUNDER Andrew Scivally, 46 THE COMPANY A provider of products and services for corporate learning and development to help organizations conquer training challenges.
HIGH NOTES Work and let learn! This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company isn’t slowing down. They grew early on with the launch of their templates and assets subscription model. In 2020 they brought on an investment partner, and in just two years they made six company acquisitions. THE GOALS 1. “Full integration of all company acquisitions.” 2. “Provide organizations a full solution for all learning needs.” 3. “Be one of the greatest learning companies in the world.” THE ADVICE “Find really good people who can lead the charge.” PROUD MOMENT “Our breakout moment was at a 2013 conference called DevLearn. We launched a new conference strategy where customers had a deep connection with our brand, messaging and product offering. It was magical.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 99% CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 73 INDUSTRY PEO WEBSITE ZampHR.com FOUNDERS Garth Allred, 59; Craig Allred, 57 THE COMPANY A PEO that provides comprehensive HR solutions for small- and mid-size businesses.

HIGH NOTES Zamp is ramping up. The company has upped the PEO landscape with an experienced team, zero debt, fast growth, and flexibility. THE GOALS 1. “Provide service to our clients that enables them to succeed in business more fully.” 2. “Provide value to our employees through personal growth, healthy compensation, and a work culture that encourages top performance.” 3. “Stay focused on what we do best — and do more of it.” THE ADVICE “Be flexible enough in your offering that you can pivot to something better if the market warrants it.” PROUD MOMENT “When Covid unleashed itself in March 2020, we proactively purchased new computer equipment, phones, printers, scanners, and 3 monitors per employee and sent them home to work. This all occurred on the Friday before the Monday that Amazon ran out of product. We didn’t believe we could work from home as a company and be as successful. Now, we give our employees the option of working from home, from the office, or both. We are a better company because of it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 84% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2007 EMPLOYEES 700 INDUSTRY Real Estate/Private Equity WEBSITE PeakCapitalPartners.com FOUNDERS Jeff Danley, 48; Jeff Burningham, 45; Jamie Dunn, 45 THE COMPANY An owner and manager of conventional, affordable, and student apartment communities in growth markets in the U.S.

HIGH NOTES Peak Capital Partners is forever peaking. Since its inception in 2007, Peak has acquired over 250 multifamily properties with over $4.7 billion total market value, and owned and managed over 41,000 apartment units. The company has a strong network of multifamily industry relationships, and an extensive track record of successfully investing throughout the U.S. on behalf of U.S. and international investors. THE GOALS 1. “Grow multi-family portfolio to 50,000 units.” THE ADVICE “Hire a strong team, provide clear growth goals and a great work environment, and align the team’s compensation with those goals.” PROUD MOMENT “I am proud every day of the amazing team I get to work with and the great company we have built together.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 78% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 143 INDUSTRY Digital Marketing WEBSITE DisruptiveAdvertising.com FOUNDER Jacob Baadsgaard, 37 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency.

HIGH NOTES Disruption for the win! Disruptive Advertising — a former UV50 Startup to Watch — has become a marketing mastermind with 1,000+ positive reviews and purpose-driven strategies specifically tailored to each client. It was also named Search Engine Land Agency of the year in 2021, as well as a top place to work by Glassdoor and USA Today. THE GOALS 1. “Every employee can say, ‘I feel valued, engaged, and proud of the growth I’m experiencing at Disruptive.’” 2. “Every client can say, ‘I don’t know how I’d replace the value I’m getting from my Disruptive team.’” 3. “To build the premier environment where marketers and brands come to realize and live their potential.”  THE ADVICE “Choose to be grateful and enjoy all parts of your growth journey, not just the exciting parts.” PROUD MOMENT “I’ll never forget our formal tux/gown celebration at Sundance with plus ones to celebrate hitting our first $10M in annual revenue.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 65% CITY Lindon FOUNDED 1962 EMPLOYEES 110 INDUSTRY Dental Laboratory WEBSITE UtahValleyDentalLab.com FOUNDER Jim Thacker, 50 THE COMPANY A full-service dental lab.

HIGH NOTES Now this is something you can sink your teeth into. Utah Valley Dental Lab is built on a foundation of superb artistry and personal relationships. They have grown thanks to the latest technology, a modern new space, and the ability to provide uncompromised aesthetics on even the most complex dental cases. THE GOALS 1. “Continued growth.” 2. “Developing home grown talent.” 3. “Embracing technology and change.” THE ADVICE “Allow and encourage employees to have equity stakes in the business. Surround yourself with smart professionals and mentors you can call upon for help.” PROUD MOMENT “Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic better and stronger than before.”



INDUSTRY Data Analytics/Privacy Software WEBSITE ObservePoint.com FOUNDER John Pestana, 48 THE COMPANY A provider of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance.

HIGH NOTES Let’s observe, shall we? Powerful leadership, top tech, 300+ enterprise customers, world-class clients, and innumerable awards. Point … set … match! GOALS 1. “Maintain 95% logo retention.” 2. “Grow over 30% each year.” 3. “Have a fully automated customer engagement process.” THE ADVICE “Make sure all departments work as a single united team toward goals.” PROUD MOMENT “We recently hit our highest ARR in the history of the company and are growing ObservePoint on our own resources.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 34% CITY Spanish Fork FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 60 INDUSTRY Promotional products WEBSITE BrandMakers.com FOUNDER James Greaves, 46 THE COMPANY A provider of promotional products and branding solutions.

HIGH NOTES This Spanish Fork company is a brand maker king maker. With quality products, customer-focused marketing, and a “no jerk policy,” Brand Makers is an eight-figure business that has graced the UV50 six times. THE GOALS 1. “Create more raving fans.” 2. “We want to be the best company in any industry that our clients have ever done business with.” THE ADVICE “Call us! Our business is to help you grow your business.” PROUD MOMENT “Being recognized as a ‘great place to work’ by our industry.”

THE FINE PRINT The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2018-2021. The base year of 2018 must have a revenue of at least $50,000. (Reason? We want these growth percentages to be meaningful and accurate.) Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.