2022 Economic Engines


CITY Orem FOUNDED 2019 EMPLOYEES 1,600 INDUSTRY Direct healthcare WEBSITE NomiHealth.com FOUNDER Mark Newman, 38 THE COMPANY Direct healthcare company that overhauls how beneficiaries pay and providers get paid.


1. Nomi pulled back the layers of healthcare bureaucracy to pinpoint why healthcare costs in the U.S. are often double or triple what they are in other countries. Nomi’s solution? Go direct and cut out the middleman.

2. Nomi is one of the largest providers of health services in America on a daily basis. During the Covid peak, Nomi serviced 100,000 people a day. On average, Nomi services 10,000+ people per day.

3. Nomi purchased local venture Artemis Health, an analytics software company focused on employer health plan benefits. The $200 million deal came weeks after Nomi secured $110 million in Series A funding.

4. Nomi led the nation’s largest known mobile Covid-19 vaccine and testing program

5. Nomi Health is the largest corporate donor to RIP Medical Debt, eradicating $225M of medical debt, benefiting more than 175,000 Americans.

PROUD MOMENT “If we’re right, and I think we are, we are on track to take a trillion dollars out of the U.S. healthcare system.”


CITY Orem FOUNDED 2002 EMPLOYEES 1,000+ INDUSTRY Technology WEBSITE ClearLink.com FOUNDER James Clarke, 49 THE COMPANY A Marketing as a Service Platform providing sales and marketing through technology-enabled retail.


1. With operations on four continents, Clearlink is a global leader providing digital MaaS to many of the world’s best-known consumer brands. 

2. Clearlink serves over 300 million customers each year.

3. Founder James Clarke sold the business 10 years ago, and just this year came back as owner and CEO. 

4. World-class clients include AT&T, Xfinity, Vivint, CentryLink, Spectrum and more.

5. Clearlink has won countless “Best Company to Work For” accolades. 

PROUD MOMENT “Returning to a company I had founded over 20 years ago is the thrill of a lifetime. After selling the business a decade ago, the stars aligned to return and opportunities in the market have converged on Clearlink’s platform in a way that simply made too much sense to ignore. I’m extremely grateful for the exceptionally talented team at Clearlink and the tremendous growth we have experienced this year.”


CITY Provo FOUNDED 1984 EMPLOYEES 4,900 INDUSTRY Beauty/Wellness/Direct Sales WEBSITE NuSkin.com CEO Ryan Napierski THE COMPANY A developer of skin care and nutritional products. 


1. Nu Skin is forever young and forever fierce — it did $2.7 billion in sales in 2021. 

2. The company is publicly traded on the NYSE and is the OG direct sales company in our community. 

3. The company focuses its efforts around innovative consumer products, product manufacturing, and controlled environment agriculture technology. It has two research centers with approximately 75 in-house scientists, more than 80 scientific posters, 35 oral presentations, and 30 patents.

Through its Nourish the Children Initiative, Nu Skin feeds more than 120,000 starving children every day. To date, they have donated more than 700 million meals. 

Record alert! Nu Skin is the longest-running winner in UV50 history.

PROUD MOMENT Nu Skin’s mission to be a “Force For Good” has been the backbone of the company at home and abroad.


CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 400+ INDUSTRY Recognition/Technology WEBSITE Award.co FOUNDER Steve Sonnenberg, 41 THE COMPANY An employee recognition software platform partnered with Amazon Business.


1. Awardco has a $900 million+ valuation.

2. In 2021, it raised $65 million in Series A funding to pioneer a new future for rewards, recognition, and compensation. The funding was led by General Catalyst as well as Ryan Smith, Qualtrics co-founder and Utah Jazz majority owner.

3. Since its inception, Awardco has been cash-flow positive while doubling its size and revenue annually.Awardco serves more than 4.5 million users in 100+ different countries.

4. In Fall 2022, Awardco purchased a 200,000-square-foot building in Pleasant Grove. 

5. Each month, Awardco is presenting a Goodness Grant of $1,000 to an individual making a positive impact on his or her community.

PROUD MOMENT “I take great pride in seeing our employees do great things. We were this company signing up businesses with hundreds of thousands of employees, and we ourselves had maybe 40 or 50 at the time. They stepped up and accepted the challenge. I’m so grateful.”


CITY Provo FOUNDED 2002 EMPLOYEES 4,808+ INDUSTRY Technology WEBSITE Qualtrics.com FOUNDER Ryan Smith, 44 THE COMPANY An enterprise platform that organizations use to collect, manage and act on experience data.


1. In 2021, Qualtrics revenue surpassed $1 billion — their highest ever in a single year. 

2. In January 2021, the Provo company completed their initial public offering — the largest IPO in Utah’s history. In 2019, history was made when Qualtrics sold to SAP for $8 billion, the largest private enterprise software acquisition ever at the time. 

3. Over 16,750 organizations use Qualtrics.

4. 1,800 of Qualtrics’ employees work at Provo HQ — and they plan to add another 1,000+ in the next five years. 

5. Qualtrics established 5 For The Fight, a global movement to eradicate cancer — $5 at a time. 

PROUD MOMENT “During the pandemic, we launched 15 new software tools to help government, businesses, and schools manage Covid-19,” says CCO Gina Sheibley. “Officials used our software to help reopen schools, contact trace, turn vaccines into vaccinations, and get people safely back to work. These solutions have been used by more than 12,000 brands and in 55,000 projects across all 50 states and in over 90 countries.”


CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 5,800 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE 

SavoryFund.com FOUNDERS Shauna Smith, 44; Andrew Smith, 47 THE COMPANY A restaurant investment, development and management company focused on emerging, growth-ready brands.


1. Savory has generated over $2.5B in sales and created over 35,000 jobs in total. 

2. It has invested over $150M in the past four years scaling eight emerging brands and has amassed $250M in sales annually, adding an additional 2,000 new jobs per year. This has been spread over 8 different geographies throughout the U.S., with a high focus on Utah growth. 

3. The Savory brand fam includes: Swig, R&R BBQ, 

Mo’ Bettahs, Via 313, The Crack Shack, Pincho, Hash Kitchen and Saigon Hustle. 

4. In 2020, Savory closed on not just one — but two! — $100-million funds. (Second helpings FTW!) 

5. Savory slayed at the Comparably Awards for “best place to work” — and the average tenure at corporate is 8.4 years. 

PROUD MOMENT “Not only surviving the pandemic, but thriving. It galvanized our team to a point I’ve never seen before.”


CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 1999 EMPLOYEES 250 INDUSTRY Commercial Real Estate WEBSITE Colliers.com FOUNDER Brandon Fugal, 49 THE COMPANY A real estate services and investment company. 


1. Colliers International is the No. 1 commercial real estate firm in Utah — as well as No. 1 in the Intermountain West. 

2. Colliers controls the dominant market share with five offices — and did $3 billion in sales volume in Utah over the past year. 

3. They represent landmark developments in EVERY community along the Wasatch Front. 

4. Colliers International is the only full-service commercial real estate firm in Utah Valley and has worked tirelessly to help companies navigate the post-Covid world of hybrid work. 

5. Noteworthy projects include Zions Bank, Ancestry.com, Mountain America Credit Union, Xactware, MX, Workfront, Acima, Divvy, Podium, doTERRA, and Young Living. 

PROUD MOMENT “My story, in many respects, is a story of the development of the Wasatch Front that prepared for the rise of Silicon Slopes. I have grown up along with the market. Utah will continue to experience a renaissance of economic development and expansion. It’s been a privilege to have a seat at the table.”



Pattern.com CRO John LeBaron, 43 THE COMPANY A provider of global ecommerce acceleration.


1. Pattern has grown profitably since its founding (in a Utah Valley living room) in 2013, and is on track to cross $1B in annual revenue in 2022.

2. Pattern helps brands capture their share of the $6 trillion global ecommerce market, and they have 98 percent customer retention.

3. Pattern has 22 global locations, 9 global distribution centers, 1,200 employees, and is sold in 60 countries.

4. Pattern has expanded its offerings into dozens of international markets, creating a category defining ecommerce acceleration platform and building a global team of high-impact, game-changing professionals.

5. The goal? Grow internationally to the point where more revenue comes from outside the U.S. than in.

PROUD MOMENT “Hitting the $1B annual revenue mark, which we will do this year.”

9. MX


MX.com FOUNDER Ryan Caldwell THE COMPANY A provider of money management software.


1. MX raised $300 million in Series C funding last year — the largest single round of funding for a private company in Utah. This increased MX’s market share to over $1.9 billion.  

2. MX is growing rapidly. It has 13,000+ connections with financial institutions, 200 million+ combined reach of consumers, more than 170 billion transactions processed, averaging more than 100 million per day, and 98% of financial data categorization coverage with 95% accuracy rate.

3. MX has doubled its employee count in two years to 700+ employees. Perks include unlimited time-off, 401k matching, fully-stocked breakrooms, onsite subsidies, massage, free health insurance for team members, generous parental leave. 

4. MX has been a big supporter of the community and is always looking for ways to give back. From lifting up children entrepreneurs to supporting diversity and pride events to championing “girls who code,” MX is right on the money.

5. In 2020, MX was named a best place to work by Inc. Magazine. In 2021, it was named to the Forbes 100 list of the best private cloud companies in the world. 

PROUD MOMENT “My pride in the company and our future is huge, but it pales in comparison to my pride in the company’s culture,” says founder and Executive Chairman Ryan Caldwell.

10. UVU

CITY Orem FOUNDED 1941 EMPLOYEES 5,500+ INDUSTRY Education WEBSITE UVU.edu PRESIDENT Astrid Tuminez, 58 THE COMPANY An open-admission regional teaching institution.


1. UVU is the largest public university in the state. It is Orem’s largest employer, Utah Valley’s third-largest employer, and the 14th largest employer in Utah. 

2. It has more than 41,000 students, and 37% of attendees are first-generation students!

3. It offers certificate programs, associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s degrees. 

4. From 2010-11 to 2020-21, bachelor’s degrees awarded increased 75%, associate’s degrees awarded increased 206%, certificates awarded increased over 30 fold and master’s degrees awarded increased 15 fold. 

5.UVU works hard to provide workforce-ready graduates to meet the demands and expectations of a diverse economy. It also serves as a state and regional economic engine that pumps money into the economy with a solid 8:1 return on investment — every tax dollar invested in UVU has an $8 impact on the local economy.

PROUD MOMENT “Last year we celebrated 80 years of Utah Valley University. The amazing thing about this university is that all of us continue to write this story.”

THE FINE PRINT The Economic Engines list is selected by BusinessQ’s editorial board and is ranked based on a variety of factors including annual revenue, number of employees, contributions to Utah County’s economy and community, as well as timely and momentous milestones.