2020 Fastest-Growing Companies

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THREE-YEAR GROWTH 11,491% 2019 REVENUE $12.6 million CITY Vineyard FOUNDED
2015 EMPLOYEES 89 INDUSTRY Cosmetic Manufacturing WEBSITE DynamicBlending.com FOUNDER Jordan Erskine, 36 THE COMPANY A full turn-key contract manufacturer of personal care products.

This year’s No. 1 company is a beautiful force, and we’re not just talking about their lotions. Dynamic Blending has taken an often stale industry and innovated it by catering to ALL sizes of companies — offering everything from R&D and branding to manufacturing and fulfillment. GOALS 1. “Expand into a larger facility that would increase capacity and grow profitability.” 2. “Strategically acquire at least two companies that would help Dynamic position into the only contract manufacturer with this level of service offering.” 3. “Continue to promote entrepreneurs through creativity and innovation.” 

ADVICE “Create a solid strategy for growth then reinvest as much of your profits as you can.” 


“We won a major award in 2017, the Cosmetic Innovator of the Year Award by ICMAD. We were building credibility and needed something big to validate us.”

“You will conquer many foes over the next few years.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 4,373% 2019 REVENUE $20.3 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2016 

EMPLOYEES 34 INDUSTRY Residential solar/sales WEBSITE EncorSolar.com FOUNDERS Dan Larkin, 35; Jeremy Smith, 35; Jared Biesinger, 33  THE COMPANY A full-service solar provider. 

WHAT A RUN Encor Solar has the sun on their side. At just four years old, this $20-million company is making its mark in a growing, sustainable market with a strategic focus on culture, infrastructure, and investment programs.  

GOALS 1. “Vertically integrate consumer financing into product offering.” 2. “Build a $1B portfolio of consumer loan products.” 3. “Offer downstream ancillary products and services to capitalize on the long tail relationship with the consumer.”

ADVICE “Check your ego. Question everything.”


“Coronavirus created a shift toward a nationwide work-from-home movement that also had the side effect of increasing homeowners’ electrical consumption. Our monthly revenue has nearly doubled since March.”

Unluckiest Moment “Coronavirus hit when we were 2 weeks out from the launch of our new consumer finance program. We had to indefinitely delay our new product launch.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “The sure way to predict the future is to invent it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 3,324% 2019 REVENUE $7.9 million CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 20 INDUSTRY Fashion/accessories WEBSITE ThreadWallets.com FOUNDERS Colby Bauer, 30; McKenzie Bauer, 28 THE COMPANY Provider of carry accessories like wallets, lanyards and cases. 

WHAT A RUN Entrepreneurism … but make it fashion. This former UV50 Startup to Watch is slaying the “carry” game with millions in sales and products that are sleek and stylish.  

GOALS 1. “Become the go-to brand for all things ‘carry.”’ 2.
“Continue to grow a team of hardworking, creative individuals.” 3. “Make a positive impact on the community that surrounds us.”

ADVICE “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle or end.”


Luckiest Moment “Our executive team is out of this world!”  

Unluckiest Moment “We didn’t get a patent on our lanyard. We didn’t realize we could have and now it’s too late.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “We opened a kiosk at Fashion Place Mall in the middle of COVID.  We weren’t sure how it would perform but we have been so hyped on the results.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Success follows humility.”


$6.4 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 35 INDUSTRY Employee recognition/software WEBSITE Motivosity.com FOUNDER Scott Johnson, 51 THE COMPANY A provider of employee recognition software. 

WHAT A RUN This modern motivation station — which has ranked on previous UV50 lists as both a Startup to Watch and Fastest-Growing Company — has helped create effective and engaged teams at companies like 1-800-Contacts, Cotopaxi, Health Catalyst, and more. 

GOALS 1. “Duh, grow.” 2. “Sell more software.” 3. “Have more fun. “‘Stay young’ is one of our favorite values.”

ADVICE “Have your product market fit nailed first. If you don’t have the right tool, the right price, and the right product getting the results you say you get … then don’t try to grow yet.”


Luckiest Moment “I don’t believe in luck in business. You’ll never hear me say ‘that was lucky.’”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “The beginning of the company was roll the dice — fork out enough time and money to build the software and see if people want it or not. And if it didn’t work, we would have shot it in the head back around 2014.”

Make Your Own Luck “Work hard and listen.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “In your near future, you will make many managers very happy.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 2,183% 2019 REVENUE $24.9 million CITY Orem FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 79 INDUSTRY Employee recognition/engagement/awards WEBSITE Award.co FOUNDER Steve Sonnenberg, 39 THE COMPANY An employee-recognition software platform that has partnered with Amazon Business.

WHAT A RUN Last year’s No. 1 winner of the UV50 is more powerful than ever. The $25-million company has redefined its industry and teamed up with Amazon Business to offer companies innovative and streamlined ways to reward and motivate employees to excel, recognize, and conquer. 

GOALS “Continue to organize the world’s incentive spend through increased growth and capabilities.” 

ADVICE “Build a 3-year financial model. It will always be wrong, but as you work weekly to understand it you’ll continue to build something solid.”


Roll-The-Dice Moment “When we first started Awardco, Amazon was not on board with our business model. Despite this setback we moved ahead, believing in our model and our ability to innovate. A few years later, after Amazon saw what we were doing and how successful it was, we established a partnership and Amazon gave us additional resources to integrate with all their warehouses around the world.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Recognize others often and it will always come back full circle.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,438% 2019 REVENUE $23.9 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2015
62 INDUSTRY Consumer products/jewelry WEBSITE EnsoRings.com
Romney Williams, 48; Aaron Dalley, 37; Brighton Jones THE COMPANY A silicone jewelry provider.

WHAT A RUN Our No. 1 UV50 Startup to Watch last year is cementing (in silicone!) its watch-worthy status with a unique product, killer marketing, and life-affirming purpose. Enso has sold more than 3 million rings and bracelets to consumers in 110 countries — and the big motivator is their Rings for a Reason program, which donates a portion of proceeds, products, and staff time to fighting serious issues such as mental illness, cancer, poverty, and hunger.

GOALS 1. “Generate $100M in annual revenue and earn more funds for Rings for a Reason.” 2. “Create life-changing experiences for our team members and customers.”

ADVICE “Know your why. A mission will give your company purpose and propel you to the highs and through the lows.”


Luckiest Moment “One of our co-founders, Brighton Jones, had a mountain climbing accident in which his metal wedding band almost tore off his finger. Not only was his finger spared, it led to the founding of Enso to provide a stylish and safe alternative to the traditional wedding band.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “You will be a force for good while disrupting the global jewelry industry.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,283% 2019 REVENUE $6 million CITY Provo FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 50 INDUSTRY Essential Oils WEBSITE  NaturesFusion.com FOUNDERS
David Peterson, 34; CJ Peterson, 32; Matt Peterson, 30 THE COMPANY A full-service manufacturing and packaging company in the essential oils industry. 

WHAT A RUN From a one-bedroom apartment to outgrowing their space four times, Nature’s Fusions is operating with the essentials: oils, creativity and integrity. Their products are sold in hundreds of stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and The Vitamin Shoppe.  

GOALS 1. “Reach $10 million in annual revenue by 2021.” 2. “Build our own building — custom and to spec, and own it outright. Have everything under one roof: manufacturing, warehousing, and office.”

ADVICE “It’s OK to take some risk, but not more than you can swallow if everything goes wrong— because it will eventually all go wrong.”


Luckiest Moment “Several years ago we had an incredibly small window of opportunity to solve a company’s problem. And when we did, we earned their entire business — which has brought us several million dollars in revenue.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “The world is polarized by criticism and bitterness. So be kind, be honest, uplift instead of breaking down, and make the best of what you have.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,256% 2019 REVENUE $19.8 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 347 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE RandRBBQ.com FOUNDER Neil Harfert, 55 THE COMPANY A barbecue restaurant.

WHAT A RUN R&R BBQ has the meats — and the leadership, and the talent, and the systems, and the quality, and the partnerships, and the growth. Armed with an investment from the Savory Fund, R&R’s slow-cooked goods are growing fast. The beloved barbecue joint has grown to eight locations — and is already heating up for more. 

GOALS 1. “Expand to three additional states outside Utah.” 

2. “Achieve industry-leading low staff turnover.”

ADVICE “Pay up front for leadership talent and experience.”


Unluckiest Moment “The national beef shortage due to COVID-related plant closures. Our costs skyrocketed this summer, and we were unable to offset these costs.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “Within 48 hours of COVID hitting Utah, we decided on a limited menu that could be executed efficiently, designed a curbside ‘drive-thru,’ and engineered an entirely new staffing model. The first night we opened curbside, sales were up over 90%.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Success happens when the right people do the right things.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,148% 2019 REVENUE $74.1 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED
2014  EMPLOYEES 774 INDUSTRY Software  WEBSITE Podium.com FOUNDER Eric Rea, 35 THE COMPANY A software platform powering the modern relationship between businesses and their customers. 

WHAT A RUN Podium is saying it louder for the people in the back! The company, which helps businesses amplify their brands with slick Interaction Management, has raised more than $218 million (with investors like IVP, Accel, Summit Partners, GV, and Y Combinator) and has a valuation of $1.5 billion. (Yes, billion.) Podium serves more than 43,000 local businesses to create more than 17 million interactions with their customers a month. Even better? BusinessQ named Podium our No. 1 Startup to Watch back in 2017. We love it when we’re right. 

GOALS 1. “Be real. Be honest. Be transparent.” 2. “Murder drama. We don’t tolerate politics or drama.” 3. “Be a founder. Come into Podium like it’s your own company.” 4. “Delight the customer. (We stole that one from Disney.)” 


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 834% 2019 REVENUE $12.9 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 113 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE SimpleNexus.com FOUNDER
Matt Hansen, 42 THE COMPANY A digital mortgage platform that enables lenders to originate and process loans from anywhere.

WHAT A RUN The success of SimpleNexus has been simple: Find a hole in the mortgage market, transform the industry with an easy-to-use app, and execute said product with exquisite, hard-fought simplicity. 

GOALS 1. “Reach $100M in annual revenue.” 2. “Define the homeownership journey for Americans.” 3. “Build a culture of a group so tight-knit that we are all friends for life.”

ADVICE “Don’t let desire for growth overcome the need for frugality.”


Roll-The-Dice Moment “We took out an SBA loan for $150k and I maxed out credit cards for another $80k in order to make a key hire. This put us into a pretty scary burn for a company with five employees. I wondered what I’d do if my house went on the auction block. The key hire came on board, and we didn’t land a deal for four months. I was certain our bet was right, but had just enough doubt to get nervous. In the end, it did work out. The loan is gone now.”

Make Your Own Luck “The more you do, the more opportunities you get to get lucky. Read the 10x rule.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “We’ll grow 75% over the next year.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 648% 2019 REVENUE $16.1 million CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 144 INDUSTRY Dental/software WEBSITE DentalIntel.com FOUNDER Weston Lunsford, 41 THE COMPANY A software provider that tracks, analyzes and automates dental practices.

Dental Intelligence has reason to smile. More than 8,000 dental practices rely on their software to smartly grow their businesses, which in turn has led to big, pearly white growth for the Pleasant Grove company. 

GOALS 1. “Be responsible for helping 50 million patients schedule and receive their healthcare needs in the next 3-5 years.” 2. “See 100% year-over-year growth in 2021.”
“Have above-average compensation per employee in the SaaS market space.”  

ADVICE “Hire right. Hire fast.” 


Luckiest Moment “That we controlled our luck.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “In 2007, a partner and I decided to purchase 578 lots, 5 phases forecasted to be built and sold in 3-5 years. Then 2008 arrived and the market crashed. We put our heads down, came up with strategies, lost a lot of money, and grew stronger. That experience has played an integral part in my abilities to navigate roadblocks.” 

Make Your Own Luck “Team collaboration, single purpose, a LOT of hard work.” 

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Big things are on the horizon.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 621% 2019 REVENUE $2.2 million CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 36 INDUSTRY Manufacturing/E-commerce WEBSITE AudreyAndBear.com FOUNDER Rachel Quamberg, 35 THE COMPANY A manufacturer/retailer of customizable baby products.

WHAT A RUN Audrey & Bear has quite the security blanket. Wrapped up with a loyal customer base, this baby has grown with hard work, manufacturing independence, and a heart for charity. For every swaddle sold, Audrey & Bear donates a swaddle to a baby in a NICU or in a pediatric care center. 

GOALS 1. “Reaching every NICU baby with a swaddle! That’s 800 per day.” 2. “Being one of the best places to work for our team members.” 3. “Being debt-free … we were SO SO close before COVID.”


Luckiest Moment “Finding our team members!”

Unluckiest Moment “When our pallet of fabric showed up in NEON ORANGE instead of white. It had accidentally gotten swapped with prison uniform fabric and was supposed to go to Washington state.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “We roll the dice all the time — we call it throwing money at the wall to see what sticks.”

Make Your Own Luck “We apply ‘lessons learned’ — and try not to ride the merry-go-round of hard lessons.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Be wise, and you will be successful beyond your dreams.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 453% 2019 REVENUE $206.7 million CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 3,723 INDUSTRY Pest Control WEBSITE GoAptive.com FOUNDERS David Royce, age 43; Vess Pearson, 36 THE COMPANY A pest control service company.

WHAT A RUN Aptive Environmental is working out all the bugs like a boss. In just under five years, it has become the fastest-growing pest control service in North America (and seventh largest!) with locations in 27 states, servicing customers in more than 3,700 cities. Even cooler? The company’s goal is to provide customers with environmentally responsible pest solutions that reduce potential health risks to humans, pets and the environment. 

GOALS 1. “$1 billion in revenue by 2025.” 2. “Be recognized in a major magazine as one of the top service companies in the USA.” 3. “Continue making gratitude and giving back a core part of Aptive’s identity.”


Luckiest Moment “We were deemed an essential service throughout the pandemic. It was very, very fortunate for us as we were able to continue servicing our customers.”

Make Your Own Luck “Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, so the businesses that thrive are ELITE problem solvers. Every problem has a solution.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Vision and resolve are the twins of success.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 376% CITY Lehi  FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 250 INDUSTRY E-commerce WEBSITE Pattern.com FOUNDERS David Wright; Melanie Alder THE COMPANY A provider of full suite monitoring, compliance, sales, advertising, fulfillment and growth services for third-party sellers who operate on platforms like Amazon, eBay, Jet.com and more. 

WHAT A RUN Talk about a clear pattern of success. This digital sales strategist has stitched together high-growth and high revenues by being partner-obsessed, tech-driven and math-focused. This year they announced a round of $52 million Series A Funding. And the pattern shall continue … 

Fortune Cookie Forecast Bold pattern; bold future. 


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 301% 2019 REVENUE $72.2 million CITY Orem FOUNDED 2014 

EMPLOYEES 1,155 (422 employees, 733 contractors) INDUSTRY Renewable Energy WEBSITE BlueRavenSolar.com COO Trevor Weed, 38 THE COMPANY A full-service residential solar company.

WHAT A RUN The sun keeps coming out for Blue Raven Solar. This former No. 1 UV50 winner is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in the nation. To date, Blue Raven Solar has shifted more than 2.4 billion kWh of energy to clean renewable solar energy, which is the equivalent of ~1.8 Million metric tons of carbon emissions (the same as taking over 354,000 cars off the road for a year!). 

GOALS 1. “Continue to grow at a similar clip to what we’ve done the last 5 years.” 2. “Further diversify how we acquire customers.” 3. “Continue to stay current with tech advancements. Things change quickly in solar.”

ADVICE “Talk less. Smile more.”


Luckiest Moment “Hiring incredible people.”

Unluckiest Moment “Hard to say. Adulthood is the realization that nearly all news is both good and bad. We’ve made a lot of lemonade over the years.”

Make Your Own Luck “Live our values — Develop a high trust culture, be efficient, and improve. We sure try at least.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “‘The future is bright.’ Cheap solar pun, I know. I’m not proud of it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 283% 2019 REVENUE $22.4 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 154 INDUSTRY Event/software WEBSITE RainFocus.com FOUNDER Doug Baird, 50 THE COMPANY A next generation events marketing platform. 

WHAT A RUN There’s no raining on this parade. RainFocus is an events marketing company that is the first of its kind. In fact, its cutting edge technology is used at hundreds of events a year (yes, even in the year of COVID) and trusted by giants like Adobe, Cisco, Oracle and Trimble. 

ADVICE “Focus first on building and enabling a great team. Great product and customers will follow.”


Luckiest Moment “Accepting a cold-call from our soon-to-be investment partner, JMI. (We almost never take those calls.)”

Unluckiest Moment “COVID-19.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “A few years ago we were presented a great opportunity, but it would require a major product pivot. It took us several years to work through it, but we ended up with a more complete and robust product in the end.”

Make Your Own Luck “By doing really well at the boring stuff of growing a business — business processes, internal communications, training, etc.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Current disruptions that are out of your control will melt away.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 224% 2019 REVENUE $28.4 million CITY Orem FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 37 INDUSTRY PEO WEBSITE ZampHR.com FOUNDERS Craig Allred, 55; Garth Allred, 57 THE COMPANY A PEO that provides comprehensive HR solutions for small and mid-size businesses.

WHAT A RUN Now this is a human interest story. Profitable since year one, Zamp HR has upped the PEO game with an experienced team, zero debt, fast growth, real resources and big plans. What’s more, small businesses that work with a PEO like Zamp HR grow 7 to 9 percent faster and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business. 

GOALS 1. “Form a strong management team who can make sound business decisions.” 2. “Continued strong sales growth. More sales usually help solve more problems.” 3. “Form a remote company-culture where employees feel wanted and valued.”

ADVICE “Avoid new opportunities that appear attractive at first but really are only distractions.”


Luckiest Moment “Finding the best legal counsel to fight off a government bureaucrat who — through an overreach of their position — was trying to hurt our company.”

Make Your Own Luck “Fortunately we haven’t had to roll the dice in Vegas to make payroll like FedEx did in the early days. Every roll of the dice we take is a calculated risk.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “A very profitable year awaits.”



THREE-YEAR GROWTH 221% 2019 REVENUE $19.5 million CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 150 INDUSTRY Digital marketing WEBSITE DisruptiveAdvertising.com FOUNDER Jacob Baadsgaard, 35 THE COMPANY Specializes in all areas of online marketing — “from first click to final purchase.”

WHAT A RUN Disruption is underrated, people. Disruptive Advertising (a former UV50 Startup to Watch) has become a marketing mastermind with over 500 clients thanks to experienced leadership, advanced software, and strong sales.   

GOALS 1. “Develop lifelong relationships with our employees and clients.” 2. “Reach $100M in annual revenue.”

ADVICE “Don’t be afraid. The sooner we were able to get out of the way of our fears, the sooner we grew. And we continue to see this pattern over and over.”


Luckiest Moment “A Fortune 500 client, our largest client at Disruptive, heard us on an itzy bitzy, teenie-weenie podcast that like five people in the world listen to. This one client represents several million dollars in revenue for us a year now.” 

Unluckiest Moment “A big construction crane broke and fell on Disruptive’s office, putting us in a fun situation for a bit. :)”

Make Your Own Luck “Test. Test. Test. Eventually you’ll find something that sticks that will lead to your big break.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “You will create a win-win-win culture with your clients, employees and company.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 207% 2019 REVENUE $28.3 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 30 INDUSTRY Direct sales/health/finance WEBSITE Tranont.com FOUNDER Lorne Berry, 42 THE COMPANY A distributor of dietary supplements and financial products through a direct sales model.

WHAT A RUN Health. Wealth. And seriously stealth. With a focus on community and bettering the world (their goal is to impact one billion lives for good), this Inc. 500 alum is growing in revenue and influence.


1. “International expansion.” 

2. “Additional product releases.”

3. “Expanding the company’s community piece.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast  Outlook is healthy (and wealthy).


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 175% 2019 REVENUE $13.9 million CITY Provo FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 70 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE ObservePoint.com FOUNDER John Pestana, 47 THE COMPANY A provider of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance. 

WHAT A RUN Observe this: Top-notch leadership. Invaluable technology. Stellar employees. 300+ enterprise customers. World-class clients. Innumerable awards. #pointtaken 


1. “Getting to 500 enterprise customers.” 

2. “Expand globally.” 

3. Continuing our transition to a growth company.”

ADVICE “Remain calm through the storm. Rely on your executive team. And seek education regarding a solution.”


Fortune Cookie Forecast More observations. More growth. More ROI. 


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 168% 2019 REVENUE $28.9 million CITY Orem FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 39 INDUSTRY Automotive WEBSITE ActionAutoUtah.com FOUNDER
Jason Berry, 30 THE COMPANY A used car dealership.

WHAT A RUN Action Auto Sales and Finance is revved and ready. It has two locations (Lehi and Orem), sold 230 cars in one month, offers nationwide shipping and onsite financing, and is transforming the way customer service is done in the used car industry. 

GOALS 1. “250+ cars in one month.” 2. “Third location.” 3. “40+ employees.”

ADVICE “Don’t stop trying. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Don’t make those mistakes again.”


Luckiest Moment “‘Luck is when preparation meets opportunity’ — Trey Canard. Honestly, there have been little things, but overall we’ve been lucky and fortunate throughout our time as a company.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “Opening our second location in Orem. It paid off.”

Make Your Own Luck “Long-term consistent effort.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Uphill climbs are in your future, but with your team you’ll succeed.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 151% 2019 REVENUE $20.3 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 621 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE MoBettahs.com FOUNDERS Kalani Mack, 51; Kimo Mack, 50 THE COMPANY A fast-casual rxestaurant serving Hawaiian-style food.

WHAT A RUN Mo ono grindz, mo growth. Mo’ Bettahs has been serving up aloha for 12 years. Backed by the Savory Restaurant Fund, their delicious reputation has led to 16 locations ( with Mo’ on the way). 

GOALS 1. “Ensure an authentic Hawaiian product to our customers.” 2. “Create opportunities for growth for our teams.” 3. “Grow our brand into new markets. Spread da Aloha!”

ADVICE “Keep it simple!”


Luckiest Moment “Meeting Andrew and Shauna Smith.” 

Unluckiest Moment “I was going to say COVID-19, but it hasn’t been that unlucky. We’ve grown through this time and found a few better ways to do what we do. Go figure!” 

Make Your Own Luck “Head-down perseverance and being flexible with all that comes at us. Never give up!”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “You will bring many smiles to faces as you continue to spread Aloha — one plate at a time!”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 116% 2019 REVENUE $10.3 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 74 INDUSTRY Digital marketing WEBSITE BigLeap.com FOUNDER Bryan Phelps, 36 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency specializing in four core channels: SEO, content marketing, social media, and marketing automation.

WHAT A RUN Big Leap is big on creativity, customer retention, and culture. With hundreds of clients (including the likes of Pluralsight, BambooHR and Wandrd), this award-winning digital marketing agency was ranked the No. 1 SEO agency by Clutch and is growing .. wait for it … big time. 

GOALS 1. “Reward our team with growth opportunities.” 2. “Advance and adapt our services.” 3. “Be a workplace where people like to work and feel challenged and rewarded.”

ADVICE “Growth is much easier when you have a solid foundation — your people, product, and processes need to be dialed in.”


Luckiest Moment “We bid on the acquisition of another agency, competing against companies with more resources. We weren’t able to offer the highest dollar, but our offer was ultimately accepted, accelerating our growth.”

Unluckiest Moment
“COVID is a no-brainer. While we’ve learned a lot, it definitely felt like being blindsided by a train.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Do the right things today so you can benefit tomorrow.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 79% 2019 REVENUE $23.3 million CITY Spanish Fork FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 55 INDUSTRY Promotional Products WEBSITE BrandMakers.com FOUNDER James Greaves, 43 THE COMPANY A provider of promotional products and apparel.

WHAT A RUN This Spanish Fork company is a brand maker king maker. With quality products, customer-focused marketing, and a “no jerk policy,” Brand Makers earned more than $23 million last year and has been on the UV50 five times.

GOALS 1. “Turn more clients into raving fans.”

ADVICE “Call us! Our business is to help other companies grow!”


Luckiest Moment “Starting off by drafting and partnering with Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant.”

Make Your Own Luck “I do believe in business luck. We still have to capture it by always working hard and making smart business decisions.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Your next client will experience exponential growth in their business.”

25. JANE

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 78% 2019 REVENUE $196.2 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2011 EMPLOYEES 169 INDUSTRY Marketplace/retail WEBSITE Jane.com CEO
Taleeb Noormohamed THE COMPANY A curated marketplace that brings small boutiques and big brands together to offer daily deals.

WHAT A RUN See Jane fly. This Lehi business transformed its market to become the ultimate #girlboss. By uplifting both small sellers and big brands, Jane has dominated on all sides and created one loyal (and big time) following.

GOALS 1. “Expand into new categories and geographies.” 2. “Keep growing by building stronger customer loyalty and by increasing support for our sellers.”

ADVICE “Take intelligent, managed risk — and treat your people with kindness, compassion, and generosity.”


Luckiest Moment “COVID-19 and the increased emphasis on online shopping. We decided to double down on growth during the early days of the pandemic.” 

Unluckiest Moment
“Opening a new office in a new city two weeks before we knew we’d be working remotely for the rest of the year.”

Make Your Own Luck “You have to be good to be lucky. You need to have a clear strategy and a strong team — and trust that team to deliver.” 

Fortune Cookie Forecast “We can’t change the direction of the wind, but we can always control the sails.”

26. 97TH FLOOR

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 65% 2019 REVENUE $8.9 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2005 EMPLOYEES 80 INDUSTRY Marketing WEBSITE 97thFloor.com CEO Paxton Gray, 33 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency.

WHAT A RUN 97th Floor keeps raising the ceiling. Not only does their patented research software help them create robust lead generation for clients of all sizes, their corporate culture is what employee dreams are made of. 97th Floor prioritizes the physical and mental health of its team members, and their award-winning Results-Only Work Environment has led to happy, empowered employees.   

GOALS 1. “Continue to provide traditional and non-traditional support for our employees’ health.” 2. “We’ve got some top-secret projects that will be rolling out in 2021, which will have everybody talking about 97th Floor.” 


Luckiest Moment “A little over 10 years ago, we worked for Omniture. When they were acquired by Adobe, Adobe brought us along with them. They loved working with us so much that they started referring us to other brands, which gave us an early shot in the big leagues. That helped us learn how to build an agency that works well with companies like CapitalOne, ESPN, and Salesforce.”

Make Your Own Luck “Act > Learn > Repeat”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “The sure way to predict the future is to invent it.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 49% 2019 REVENUE $11.5 million CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2009 EMPLOYEES 152 INDUSTRY Esthetics WEBSITE SimplicityLaser.com FOUNDERS Leeon Jeffs, 42; Kyle Adams, 44; Trevor Robison, 33 THE COMPANY A provider of laser hair removal, facials and skin treatments.

WHAT A RUN Now this is what you call laser-like precision. Simplicity Laser has become a leader of its industry with a pristine reputation, 17 locations, 100,000+ clients, and more than 4 million treatments performed. Hair today! Gone tomorrow.   

GOALS 1. “Growth.” 2. “Profit.” 3. “Happy employees and customers.”

ADVICE “Be specific in how you are going to grow.”


Luckiest Moment “Having talented people come together to get our first customer.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “Starting the company. We all lived in Utah and started with four locations 600 miles away in Phoenix. With 17 locations, I would say it worked out pretty well!”

Make Your Own Luck “Work smart and hard.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “The secret to great results is no secret to us.”


2013 EMPLOYEES 180 INDUSTRY Private equity WEBSITE Tesani.com FOUNDER Travis Hansen, 42 THE COMPANY A holding company that starts, buys and invests in companies.

WHAT A RUN Tesani is holding all the right cards. Their portfolio of companies includes an all-in-one SaaS HR software platform; a fintech company that provides credit to those in financial need; a company that specializes in strategy, design, and custom software development; and a real estate firm specializing in multi-family apartment properties. What’s more, their non-profit, Sunshine Heroes Foundation, is Tesani’s charitable arm that has built 10 projects around the world helping children and families in health and education.   

GOALS “Make lots of money by helping lots of people.”


Luckiest Moment “My dad chose to be an entrepreneur, and that helped tremendously.”

Roll-The-Dice Moment “No money. Signed with NBA Atlanta Hawks. My wife and I decided to give away our signing bonus to people we loved and that needed it. God has blessed us tremendously for helping others before ourselves.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Give a piece of crust away and get a loaf of bread back.”


THREE-YEAR GROWTH 45% 2019 REVENUE $14.1 million CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 520 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE SwigNSweets.com FOUNDER
Nicole Tanner, 49 THE COMPANY A drive-up shop for soda/sweets.

WHAT A RUN Swig is a fountain of success. The premier soda shop put “dirty sodas” on the map. And today, flavored with the strength of Savory Restaurant Fund, Swig has grown from a St. George icon to 22 stores — with 20 more bubbling at the surface.   

GOALS 1. “Growth of 18-20 stores in 2020-2021.” 2. “Keep Swig culture happy and good through growth.” 3. Expand Swig into other states (Idaho, Texas, Oklahoma …).” 

ADVICE “Start simple. Don’t get stuck doing things one way. Be willing to pivot.”


Luckiest Moment “Free advertising for many years. Meaning, we did no advertising — it was all word of mouth.”

Unluckiest Moment
“Everyone started doing exactly what we were doing. Competition is good because it keeps you creating and improving. It’s unlucky because it separated people. Everyone loved the experience of Swig and now customers feel like they have to pick sides.”

Fortune Cookie Forecast “Serving ‘happiness in a cup’ in the world!”


2009 EMPLOYEES 12 INDUSTRY Marketing WEBSITE OsmondMarketing.com FOUNDER Amy Cook, 43 THE COMPANY A full-service content marketing organization and Google partner.

WHAT A RUN Armed with a top-notch team and industry expertise in healthcare and high tech, Osmond Marketing is serving up content, skills, strategic partnerships and growth.   

GOALS 1. “Beat Deloitte Digital in consulting deals.” 2. “Provide the best benefits in a digital agency.” 3. “Build customer marketing programs to enable strong ROI.”

ADVICE “Work hard. Fail fast. Pivot to success.” 


Unluckiest Moment “We tried outsourcing to an untested offshore printing company. The binding glue was not strong and made thousands of books fall apart.” 

Roll-The-Dice Moment “I am one of the most risk-averse entrepreneurs out there. But every time you hire an employee, you are taking a risk and rolling the dice. So far we have been very, very lucky.”

Make Your Own Luck “Do a cost-benefit analysis before major decisions. Include several decision-makers with different personalities in major decisions.” 

Fortune Cookie Forecast “We will expand into more international markets.”

THE FINE PRINT The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2016-2019. The base year of 2016 must have a revenue of at least $50,000 (Reason? We want these growth percentages to be meaningful and accurate.) Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibilities for companies that did not apply.