2017 Fastest-Growing Companies

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Three-Year Growth 6,506% 2016 Revenue $395.8 million City Lehi Founded 2012 Employees 589 Industry Beauty/direct sales Website YouniqueProducts.com Founders Derek Maxfield, 41; Melanie Huscroft, 45 The Company A direct sales beauty company that sells makeup and skin care products. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT With more than 700,000 presenters in 11 international markets and a 200,000-square-foot campus in Lehi, Younique has the makeup of a stalwart and stunningly successful company.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. To expand the Younique Foundation, which supports women who have suffered from childhood sexual abuse. One in four women will be sexually abused before they turn 18, and the foundation is dedicated to spreading awareness of this epidemic and supporting these survivors through its therapeutic retreats (free of charge for attendees). 2. Stay true to the company motto: “We are a mission-first company. We serve the presenters. Keep it simple. Keep it special.”

FUN FACT, SIR This is Younique’s second time topping our UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies list — and third time for founder Derek Maxfield. His previous company, NetSteps, hit No. 1 back in 2009. 


Three-Year Growth 5,889% 2016 Revenue $7.1 million City Lehi Founded 2007 Employees 1,300 (20 in Utah) Industry Technology Website Boomsourcing.com Founder Jacob Munns, 41 The Company An outsourcing 2.0 company that helps businesses grow their customer base, improve customer experiences and streamline back-office operations with call centers and its Perfect Pitch technology.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Talk about a ringing endorsement. This Inc. 500 winner (#54 this year!) is revolutionizing the way call centers are operated with its proprietary technology and dialed-up employee retention.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Growing to 10,000 employees. 2. Bridging the gap between technological innovations and the human touch.

FUN FACT, SIR Before it was Boomsourcing, the company was called Teleserve. 

WORK! WORK! “Get the right people around you to execute your idea,” Munns says. “And only be an entrepreneur if you can’t do anything else.”


Three-Year Growth 3,162% 2016 Revenue $3.2 million City American Fork Founded 2013 Employees 32 Industry Marketing Website FoxtailMarketing.com Founder Mike Templeman, 34 The Company A full-funnel digital marketing agency that works with B2B SaaS companies on achieving their growth goals. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT One of our Startups to Watch last year, Foxtail Marketing is still looking foxy. It doubled in growth in 2015 and 2016, it’s one of the fastest Platinum Partners with HubSpot, and it has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur and BusinessInsider.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS To create a company focused on the lifestyles of the employees. “We’re not as interested in growing as fast as possible any more. Now we’re focusing on freeing up the time of our team members so they can spend more time with family,” Templeman says. “So far, so good. Most everyone is out of the office by 2 to 3 p.m. every day.”

FUN FACT, SIR “We don’t have any managers.”

WORK! WORK! “Keep an eye on your margins. Don’t buy into the hype that growth equals success. Don’t be wooed by the glitz of venture capital.”


Three-Year Growth 2,250% 2016 Revenue $79.8 million City American Fork Founded 2010 Employees 830 Industry Software Website Domo.com Founder Josh James, 44 The Company Domo helps employees from the CEO to the front-line worker optimize performance by connecting to data.  

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT The Domosapiens do more than create snort-worthy blue billboards. As the fastest-growing large software company on the 2017 Inc. 500, Domo creates digestible, visual access to company data. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Become a $100 billion revenue company. 2. For Domo to be used ubiquitously by every company (large and small). 3. To set the bar on culture by being a great place to work.

FUN FACT, SIR Domo was temporarily named “Shacho,” which means CEO in Japanese. 

WORK! WORK! “I’m starting to understand all those things old people say like, ‘Youth is wasted on the young,’” James says. 


Three-Year Growth 1,714% 2016 Revenue $6 million City Lindon Founded 2012 Employees 65 Industry Marketing Website DisruptiveAdvertising.com Founder Jacob Baadsgaard, 32 The Company A company that specializes in all areas of online marketing — from “first click to final purchase.” It specifically offers pay-per-click campaigns, data analytics, website testing, conversion rate optimization and other paid channels. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Disruptive Advertising is making its marketing mark. With advanced software and an experienced leadership team, the company has catapulted in sales and is trusted by clients like Fandango, Conoco Phillips and Sportsman’s Warehouse.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Hit $100 million in annual revenue. 2. Have 2,000 clients. 3. Change lives through results-based relationships as the priority over profits. 

FUN FACT, SIR Everyone in the company is invited to Thursday night company date night. They eat good food, go to the movies, or play ultimate dodgeball.

WORK! WORK! “Learn how to ask great questions to those around you rather than share what you think you know,” Baadsgaard says.


Three-Year Growth 1,176% 2016 Revenue $2.4 million City Lehi Founded 2005 Employees 15 Industry Retail Website BabyBlingBows.com Founder Summer Zenger Harris, 39 The Company A designer and manufacturer of handmade bow accessories. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Bows before bros! With skilled marketing, impressive social media (nearly 100k on Instagram!) and skyrocketing sales, Baby Bling moved into a 10,000-square-foot space and is already growing out of it. Its headbands are manufactured locally by more than 90 mothers and they are sold at over 850 brick-and-mortar boutiques, at large department stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, and on its own retail website.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Invest more in the look and feel of the office. 2. Develop new product lines that will be available to a broader range of retailers.

FUN FACT, SIR “We like to use the phrase ‘your mom …’ as a comeback. As in, ‘Your mom is a fun fact!’” Harris says. “We also have a community of pink crocs. They are so ugly, but at least once a week, someone can’t take their cute (i.e. uncomfortable) shoes a minute longer.”

WORK! WORK! “Take your time. Scale properly.”


Three-Year Growth 615% 2016 Revenue $13 million City Provo Founded 2013 Employees 100 Industry Manufacturing Website IntermountainNutrition.com Founder Ryan Gledhill, 40 The Company A manufacturer of nutrition and dietary supplements, custom formula, and stock formula products.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT This Inc. 5000 winner is one healthy company. Just look at its manufacturing capabilities: 25 million pills and tablets are packaged per day; 450,000 bottles, vials, bags, tubs and jars per day; and 150,000 pounds of product per day.

FUN FACT, SIR Intermountain Nutrition has been through five buildings in its first five years to accommodate its rapid growth. “We recently purchased a 100,000-square-foot building in Payson that sits on 45 acres so we can add onto the building and not have to move again as we continue to grow,” Gledhill says.

WORK! WORK! “Hire quality people, even if it costs you more in the beginning. Investing in a team that can handle the stresses and responsibilities of an aggressively growing business is critical. Surround yourself with people who have a similar vision for the company but think differently than you do. Make sure they are willing to voice their opinion.”


Three-Year Growth 599% 2016 Revenue $1.1 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2013 Employees 16 Industry Events Website PinnersConference.com Founders Roxanne Bennett, 47; Kendall Bennett, 51 The Company A modern trade show that connects consumers, brands and influencers all in one fun location.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Talk about a pin-up company. Pinners Conference has exploded in popularity and now holds events in Utah, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, California and Minnesota. Women from all over the country travel to attend more than 100 workshops and a full trade-show floor of more than 300 local and national brands.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Expand to 12 locations. 2. Add an online shopping option to the website. 3. Increase the number of guests livestreaming the event.

FUN FACT, SIR The strategy for picking new Pinners Conference locations is “heavily influenced by which professional baseball stadiums are nearby,” Kendall says.

WORK! WORK! “Write down goals that seem just out of reach, then continually have them in front of you,” Roxanne says.


Three-Year Growth 588% 2016 Revenue $9.7 million City Pleasant Grove Founded 2013 Employees 120 Industry Landscaping/service Website StrattonandBratt.com Founder Zack Stratton, 30 The Company A commercial and residential landscaping company.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT The grass is greener at Stratton & Bratt. With premier clients like Thanksgiving Point, Mountain Point Medical Center, Red Butte Gardens and the LDS Church, Stratton & Bratt has laid the groundwork for continual growth. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Continue to provide opportunities for employees to grow and progress. “We have the best employees in the industry,” Stratton says.

FUN FACT, SIR Over the past three years, the company has planted 250,000 trees and shrubs, placed 5 million square feet of sod, and laid enough irrigation pipe to go from Utah County to San Diego and back.

WORK! WORK! “Fail fast,” Stratton says. “You will make lots of mistakes, and that is OK. Make the mistake once — don’t make the mistake of not changing.”


Three-Year Growth 461% 2016 Revenue $5.1 million City Lehi Founded 2008 Employees 48 Industry Online marketing Website BigLeap.com Founder Bryan Phelps, 33 The Company A digital marketing agency that provides expertise in SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media campaigns.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT With a 97 percent client retention rate and top-notch leadership, Big Leap has become a popular partner for enterprise-level companies across the country, as well as local stalwarts like Domo, Pluralsight, BambooHR, Purple and Workfront.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Continue to be a company where people love to work, a company clients love to work with, and a company that excels.

FUN FACT, SIR Conference rooms are named after the TV show “Arrested Development,” including The Banana Stand, Sudden Valley and The Aztec Tomb.

WORK! WORK! “Don’t be desperate,” Phelps says. “Focus on the right opportunities.”

11. JANE

Three-Year Growth 400% 2016 Revenue $110.2 million City Lehi Founded 2011 Employees 115 Industry Retail Website Jane.com Founder Michael McEwan, 39 The Company A boutique marketplace that offers daily deals for up to 80 percent off.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT More like Jane whoa. The online marketplace boutique has dominated its industry with scalable software that has led Jane to become the go-to girl for sellers and employees alike. What’s more, the company has made giving back a cornerstone of its business. Jane has partnered with multiple international charities and they donate all product samples to local women and refugee centers. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Build the most collaborative working environment in the valley. 2. Develop their people’s hard and soft skills. 3. Keep the flywheel going with incredibly well-thought-out, incremental changes.

FUN FACT, SIR Jane has an in-office barbershop offering complimentary haircuts, blowouts and braids. 

WORK! WORK! “Don’t get sucked into thinking about short-term profits,” McEwan says. “Make the hard decisions that will bring you long-term gains, even if it leads to a short-term loss.”


Three-Year Growth 368% 2016 Revenue $68.2 million City Lindon Founded 2007 Employees 102 Industry Food manufacturing Website BetterBodyFoods.com Founders Stephen Richards, 56; Steve Birt, 52 The Company A provider of nutritious and delicious  alternatives to foods we eat every day.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT BetterBody Foods is fit to be king. PBfit and LIVfit have soared in popularity, which has led the company to be a leader in its market and distribute its products in the United States, Mexico, Great Britain and China.  

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Expand their three brands: BetterBody Foods, LIVfit Superfood, and PBfit into all aisles of the grocery store 2. Reach $100 million in sales. 

FUN FACT, SIR The company does yoga every Friday at the corporate office.

WORK! WORK! “Do the right thing every day,” Richards says. “It will happen if you just keep working on it.”


Three-Year Growth 242% 2016 Revenue $106.7 million City American Fork Founded 2008 Employees 3,400  Industry Food + beverage/hospitality Website FourFoodsGroup.com Founders Andrew K. Smith, 41; Shauna K. Smith, 38 The Company A restaurant investment, development, finance, operations and management company focused on emerging brands looking for hyper growth.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT FFG originally set out to create 2,000 jobs. Nine years later, it has created 3,400 and has more than 100 restaurants from brands like Kneaders, R&R Barbeque, Little Caesars and Mo’Bettahs. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Create more than 10,000 jobs. 2. Build a restaurant portfolio of 10 or more brands. 

FUN FACT, SIR FFG celebrates birthdays every month by dancing and singing to “In Da Club” by 50 Cent.

WORK! WORK! “Be innovative. Be loud. Be persistent,” Andrew says.


Three-Year Growth 237% 2016 Revenue $164.9 million City Provo Founded 2006 Employees 450 Industry Real Estate Website PeakCapitalPartners.com Founder Jeff Danley, 43; Jeff Burningham, 40 The Company An owner and manager of conventional, affordable, and student apartment communities in growth markets in the U.S. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Peak Capital Partners is forever peaking. In just seven years, it has built a 27,000-unit multi-family portfolio, grown to nearly 500 employees (in 25 states!), been heralded a Best Company to Work For, and has a $2-billion real estate portfolio.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Grow to 50,000 multi-family units. 2. Transition Peak to a fund management business. 

3. Start a multi-family development division.

FUN FACT, SIR They host food truck Friday every month.

WORK! WORK! “Work harder than everyone else,” Danley says. “And have fun — the journey is the goal.”


Three-Year Growth 236% 2016 Revenue $113.4 million City Orem Founded 2008 Employees 64 Industry Financial/technology Website CMSonline.com Founders David Decker, 43; Trever Hansen, 40; Kyle Hall, 34 The Company An integrated payments platform.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT CMS deserves all the credit in the world. Named one of the top 50 payment platforms in America, this former Inc. 500 winner is a powerful industry player.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Establish discernible market share with new international platform. 2. Reach $10 billion in annual payments processed. 

FUN FACT, SIR A CMS investor is one of the most recognizable people in America, but he remains anonymous.

WORK! WORK! “Always hire the best people, even if you’re uncomfortable with the expense,” Decker says. “How do you build a great company with run-of-the-mill talent?”


Three-Year Growth 233% 2016 Revenue $10.4 million City American Fork Founded 2007 Employees 8 Industry Real Estate Website UtahSentinelGroup.com Founder Kathleen P. Lopez, 52 The Company A full service real estate brokerage with sales and property management. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Real (estate) talk: With more than 30 years of industry experience, Sentinel Sales and Management — which is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Program — has become a household name. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Open more offices across the Wasatch front. 2. Build strategic partnerships with the community and country. 

FUN FACT, SIR “Our company is made up of mostly millennials with relentless potential,” Lopez says.

WORK! WORK! “Never give up on what you want most. Never stop learning. And put people first — both clients and employees.”


Three-Year Growth 161% 2016 Revenue $6.4 million City Orem Founded 2005 Employees 47 Industry Technology/data Website Domega.com Founder Jake Fackrell, 44 The Company A provider of high tech-data aggregation tools.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT High-tech niche products, diverse markets, talented leadership and a world-class advisory board? That’s data done right.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Empower 12,000 achievers to create abundance. 2. Provide 150 hours of service as a company. 3. Grow revenue and improve customer retention by 50 percent. 

FUN FACT, SIR Daily standups begin with some “funky dancing.” (For the record, Fackrell says his biggest business pet peeve is “slackers and non-dancers.”)

WORK! WORK! “Don’t just manage — lead,” Fackrell says. “Have a deep purpose for doing what you do other than trying to make as much money as possible.”


Three-Year Growth 156% 2016 Revenue $7.2 million City American Fork Founded 2009 Employees 59 Industry eLearning Website eLearningBrothers.com Executives Andrew Scivally, 42; Curtis Morley, 43 The Company A provider of eLearning templates, custom eLearning design, soft skills training courses, and training for eLearning professionals. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT A former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company of the UV50, eLearning Brothers continues to infiltrate its market with a studly sales force, incredible innovation and a family-like company culture. So cool, bro!

WAIT FOR IT GOALS 1. To own the eLearning ecosystem and be one of the top learning companies in the world. 2. Create eLearning rockstars. 3. Have all of the Fortune 100 companies use their products (they are currently at 95).

FUN FACT, SIR The company owns a fire truck and celebrates every employee’s “bro-day.” (The day they got hired.)

WORK! WORK! “It’s too hard to start up a company ‘on the side.’ Go all-in and see what happens,” Scivally says. 


Three-Year Growth 148% 2016 Revenue $20.2 million City Provo Founded 2008 Employees 300 Industry Home services Website EdgeServicing.com Founder Andrew Richardson, 37 The Company A provider of pest control servicing for both residential and commercial customers. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Edge Servicing keeps giving themselves the edge. With its top-notch software (developed in-house), a goal setting tool called Desire Chart, and impeccable leadership (Richardson was an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist), the service company is killing it (and pests, too).

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. $50 million in revenue. 2. Six to nine new branches. 3. Have 500 employees. 

FUN FACT, SIR “From management to executive level, we employ US Armed Forces Combat veterans,” Richardson says. “We’re also obsessed with the color green.”

WORK! WORK! “Build for the long term. Focus on your people. Remember the consumer is everything.” 

20. EDGEhomes

Three-Year Growth 121% 2016 Revenue $252.1 million City Orem Founded 2011 Employees 120 Industry Real estate Website EdgeHomes.com Founders Steve Maddox, 49; Gordy Jones, 48 The Company A residential construction company.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT EDGEhomes has been at home on our UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies list for seven years thanks to a relentless drive for excellence. It now has more than 15 communities across the Wasatch Front, has built more than 1,000 homes in a year, and was named Utah’s No. 1 homebuilder,  

FUN FACT, SIR “We have the most handsome CEO, Gordy Jones, in all the state,” Maddox says.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Perfect customer satisfaction. 2. Sustained growth. 3. Onsite job safety and employee satisfaction.

WORK! WORK! “Understand the pain associated with growth,” Jones says. “Control margins through growth, and hire growth-oriented people.”


Three-Year Growth 109% 2016 Revenue $1.8 million City Pleasant Grove Founded 2006 Employees 184 Industry Service Website APSguards.com Founder Bob Conner, 59 The Company A provider of security services for businesses, individuals and government entities. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT APS is a safe bet. With more than 33 years of law enforcement experience and offices from St. George to Northern Utah, it has become one of the premier security companies in the state and offers constable services, court security and prisoner transports, private investigations, patrols, video surveillance, personal protection, and more. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Increase the type of services offered to clients. 2. Provide more leadership opportunities for employees. 3. Open an additional office in Salt Lake. 

FUN FACT, SIR “One summer, I was trying to find a rental van to take the family to Disneyland, but none were available,” Conner says. “Then I realized I owned a bunch of prisoner transport vans. Hence the family was stuffed in a well-marked prisoner van, and we toured California. We even pulled up to church in it Sunday morning!” 


Three-Year Growth 109% 2016 Revenue $51.3 million City Lehi Founded 2006 Employees 115 Industry Technology/travel Website TravelPassGroup.com Founder Ryan Williams, 42; Ryan McCoy, 41 The Company A technology company that helps consumers find and save on the best travel destinations.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT TravelPass is on cloud nine. The company — which has developed its own proprietary technology — has partnerships with independent and brand-name hotels, wholesalers, and the largest travel agencies. In fact, it just recently surpassed $2 billion in gross revenue for booking hotel rooms. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Become the top destination for travel planning, booking and sharing. 2. Strengthen company culture of innovation, engagement and fun. 3. Expand its First Desk Foundation, which helps children and schools in developing countries.

FUN FACT, SIR “With operations in Utah, Brazil and India, our development work runs 24/7,” McCoy says.

WORK! WORK! “Pay attention to culture from the very beginning,” Williams says. 


Three-Year Growth 103% 2016 Revenue $5.2 million City Spanish Fork Founded 2003 Employees 14 Industry Financial/technology Website PlatPay.com Founder Nate Hughes, 40 The Company A provider of payment processing solutions. 

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT It pays to be innovative. With a top-notch team, strong partners and its leading proprietary software —Zift — Platinum Payment Systems has distinguished itself as a premier payment player.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Earn more than $12 million in annual revenue. 2. Get involved in more philanthropic and service-related opportunities. 3. Process more than $1 billion in annual transaction volume.

FUN FACT, SIR “We do birthday celebrations for all employees, company parties, and a weekly horseback ride. And we single handedly keep Costco in business,” Hughes says. 

WORK! WORK! “Differentiate or die. If you are offering the exact same service as the next guy, you won’t be compelling. Help others see the unique value you provide.”


Three-Year Growth 102% 2016 Revenue $22.7 million City Provo Founded 1991 Employees 119 Industry Banking/finance Website RockCanyonBank.com Founder R. Todd Monsen, 59 The Company A local community bank.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Take this growth to the bank! In an unreliable market, Rock Canyon has been impressively reliable. It’s gone from 38 employees to 119 and added three new branches — doubling the book value of the bank’s stock.

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Keep serving its communities and customers. 2. Keep protecting and caring for employees. 3. Keep being good stewards of its shareholders’ investment.

FUN FACT, SIR “We really are one big happy family,” Monsen says. “And we make banking a fun and enjoyable experience.”

WORK! WORK! “Don’t worry so much about making the right decision. Worry more about making that decision the right one.”


Three-Year Growth 101% 2016 Revenue $1.7 million City Highland Founded 2006 Employees 8 Industry Marketing Website Goodwin.media Founder Stewart Goodwin, 36 The Company A digital creative marketing agency.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Goodwin Media has done a world of good. The company has been on the UV50 six times, and it’s because they’ve helped clients achieve 3-10x year-over-year growth and turned good brands into multi-million dollar companies.  

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Continue to help clients grow through added marketing services. 2. Revamp internal website. 3. Explore new ways of collaborating with companies to help them grow even more. 

FUN FACT, SIR “We are a distributed agency with no central location and no set office hours. We value work/life balance,” Goodwin says. “We’ve also donated more than 250 bikes to children in Africa through World Bicycle Relief.”

WORK! WORK! “Be careful about growing your internal staff too quickly. Employee training, turn-over, taxes and added-management costs can be profit killers. In-house staff is not always cheaper or higher performing than partnering with experts in the field.” 


Three-Year Growth 96% 2016 Revenue $6.4 million City Provo Founded 2009 Employees 23 Industry Marketing Website RelicAgency.com Founder Adam Stoker, 34 The Company A full-service advertising agency specializing in technology, telecommunications and tourism.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT What’s old is new again. Relic has expertly blended the worlds of traditional and modern advertising and has increased sales for its clients, which include the likes of Workfront, Tuacahn and the Parade of Homes. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Launch a national campaign to generate leads and increase growth. 2. Quadruple the size of Relic. 3. Be the authority on B2B marketing in Utah.

FUN FACT, SIR “All the employees play an interactive video game, in office, a few times a week,” Stoker says. “We are all competitive and love to win.” 

WORK! WORK! “Swing for the fences, regardless of how many times you miss.”


Three-Year Growth 86%2016 Revenue $4.2 million City 2010 Founded Spanish Fork Employees 98 Industry Automotive/service  Website WiggyWash.com Founders Brent Wignall, 37; Chris Hailstone, 50 The Company A full-service car wash and express detail center.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Wiggy Wash cleans up nice. A former Startup to Watch, it has won awards (best car wash, business of the year, recognition from National Guard Units), is dedicated to environmentally friendly practices, and has four premier facilities (the Orem location is the largest car wash in North America).

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Continue serving with a 5-star quality and experience. 2. Add more incentives to our team members to make it an even better place to work. 

FUN FACT, SIR “With our water reclamation system, the water we draw from the city is less than a cycle of laundry per car,” Wignall says.

WORK! WORK! “Know what the competition is doing, but don’t base your choices off of them. Just do you.”


Three-Year Growth 67% 2016 Revenue $15.9 million City Orem Founded 2007 Employees 85 Industry Manufacturing Website SimTekFence.com Founder Brad Wilson, 42 The Company A manufacturer and seller of simulated stone fence systems molded from steel-reinforced polyethylene.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT It’s been wall-to-wall growth for SimTek Fence. For the past six years, they’ve earned a spot on our Fastest-Growing list by achieving a nationwide program with Home Depot stores, launching a new wood-grain design, and by being sold in the U.S., Canada and a dozen-plus countries around the globe. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Keep getting named to the UV50. 2. Become a household name. 3. Increase employee tenure.

FUN FACT, SIR “We were originally a division of MityLite,” Wilson says. “We also have a bellyflop contest each year at our summer party.”

WORK! WORK! “To grow you need great product, great people, and great timing.”


Three-Year Growth 57% 2016 Revenue $4.9 million City Orem Founded 2004 Employees 108 Industry Beauty/service Website AmaraDaySpa.com Founder Leigh Bennett, 37 The Company A full-service spa, salon, MedSpa and boutique.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Amara has had beautiful growth. With set systems in place, a career path for employees, and two booming locations (in Orem and Traverse Mountain), the company’s longest-lasting trend? Success. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Build Coolsculpting and bring on other new innovative services. 2. Potentially expand to Salt Lake County. 3. Have a bigger online store/business.

FUN FACT, SIR “All employees are women except for my husband, Tyler, and our GM, Taylor,” Bennett says. “Lots of baby showers and weddings happening all the time!”

WORK! WORK! “Take time and hire the right leadership positions — then empower them and allow them to make mistakes. The founders have to let go of the day-to-day at some point.”


Three-Year Growth 56% 2016 Revenue $7.7 million City Lindon Founded 2009 Employees 161 Industry Beauty/service Website SimplicityLaser.com Founders Erik Adams, 44; Kyle Adams, 41; Leeon Jeffs, 40 The Company A provider of aesthetic services, including laser hair removal, facials, and skin treatments with cutting-edge technology.

NOT THROWING AWAY THEIR SHOT Now this is a laser-sharp company. Simplicity Laser has become an industry leader with 14 locations and 70,000 clients across six states — performing more than 4 million treatments for customers. 

JUST YOU WAIT GOALS 1. Continue to identify and develop talent. 2. Keep caring for customers and employees. 3. Innovate.

FUN FACT, SIR “All of our male executives have permanently hair-free legs,” Erik says.

WORK! WORK! “Train your employees. Provide customers solutions to their problems. Work smarter than your competitors.”

THE FINE PRINT The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants and ranked based on a percentage growth over the three-year period from 2013-2016. The base year must have a revenue of at least $100,000. Companies must be headquartered in Utah Valley to qualify. If corporate headquarters are outside of the county, only sales of its Utah Valley location(s) are eligible. Companies in a franchise model are measured by sales from their corporate-owned stores along with royalty revenues from their franchisees. The revenue figures have been verified by BusinessQ. We disclaim any responsibility for companies that did not apply.