2008 Fastest-Growing Companies


Three-Year Growth: 841%

Revenue in 2007: $12,295,590

Year Founded: 2001  City: Provo

Employees: 10  Industry: Construction

Web site: www.silvercreekllc.com

Founder: Geoff Granum, 37

The Company: A high-end custom home construction company that builds homes in Utah County, Park City and the San Francisco Bay Area. 

The Growth: Innovative design partnered with a customer-centric culture has led to a rock-solid foundation in the high-end homebuilding market. 

The Growing Pains: “Relinquishing control and delegating tasks to others. This takes trust and a strong core of employees — one cannot succeed without the other.”

The Advice: “Develop a written plan for growth, which highlights market trends, feasibility and financial implications.” 


Three-Year Growth: 749%

Revenue in 2007: $17,000,814

Year Founded: 2002  City: Provo

Employees: 30  Industry: Consumer Products

Web site: www.seastone.com

Founder: Warren Osborn, 43

The Company: A gift card packaging company.

The Growth: With a $95 billion industry to work from, Seastone has capitalized on the market with immense speed and retail success (the company sold 100 million gift card packages in 2007).  

The Growing Pains: “Shifts in the industry. If you don’t adapt, you face going out of business.”


Three-Year Growth: 675%

Revenue in 2007: $1,238,770

Year Founded: 2004  City: Provo

Employees: 47  Industry: Catering

Web site: www.brownbrotherscatering.com

Founder: Sam Schultz, 26

The Company: A provider of five-star catering services at realistic prices. 

The Growth: A tasty combination of marketing, networking and cuisine has led to impeccable growth in record time.

The Growing Pains: “Not being able to catch up with the growth.”

The Advice: “Over-produce and under-promise rather than over-promise and under-produce.”


Three-Year Growth: 588%

Revenue in 2007: $2,942,890

Year Founded: 2003  City: Lindon

Employees: 50  Industry: Information Technology 

Web site: www.alianza.com

Founder: Brian Beutler, 28

The Company: Provider of a hosted, fully-integrated IP-based platform for Broadband Service Providers. 

The Growth: The right combination of product, team, funding and timing has made way for a growing client base in the U.S. and Latin American markets, as well as a 95 percent employee-retention rate.

The Growing Pains: “Recruiting the right team.”

The Advice: “Start with the end in mind. Create a plan, commit the needed resources, regularly measure your progress, and don’t be afraid to make the needed adjustments.” 


Three-Year Growth: 520%

Revenue in 2007: $7,816,132

Year Founded: 2001  City: Orem

Employees: 70  Industry: Software

Web site: www.attask.com

Founders: Scott Johnson, 38; Nate Bowler, 34; Abe Knell, 34; Jason Fletcher, 34

The Company: A provider of on-demand project and portfolio management software.

The Growth: A solid market demand coupled with a solid execution has led to Fortune 500 clients such as Apple, Chevron, McDonald’s and Toyota. 

The Growing Pains: “Finding good talent quickly to keep up with the growth.”

The Advice: “Measure everything. You can make growth happen if you know where to improve the organization.”


Three-Year Growth: 468%

Revenue in 2007: $4,318,784

Year Founded: 2002  City: Springville

Employees: 65  Industry: Technology

Web site: www.simplicitygroup.com

Founders: Matthew F. Schneck, 37; Adam K. Wilkinson, 28

The Company: A provider of Web application development, including corporate reward programs, corporate social networks, customer resources management and video sharing networks. 

The Growth: A unique and relevant platform coupled with dedicated employees has led to a representation of more than 1,800 merchants, 6,300 businesses and more than 1,230,000 customers.

The Growing Pains: “We can’t say ‘yes’ to every new project. Every week a new and creative project is proposed, and we have to remind ourselves that there is a time and place for each opportunity — and then hope we choose well.” 

The Advice: “Never forget that ‘cash is king.’”


Three-Year Growth: 345%

Revenue in 2007: $1,674,909

Year Founded: 2002  City: American Fork

Employees: 11  Industry: Telecommunications

Web site: www.utmatrix.com

Founder: Richard Miller, 32

The Company: Voice, data and phone communications. Plus audio, video, wiring and surveillance services. 

The Growth: A customer-centric culture has made way for a one-stop shop that saves customers time and money.

The Growing Pains: “The cost of expanding so quickly. We had to hire five employees in the last year, we are in the process of building our own building, and we just bought a new fleet of service vehicles. The costs are justified, but it’s still hard to write that check for half a million dollars.” 

The Advice: “Find what you are good at and build on that. Work in the industry for several years before trying to start a business, and make sure your network is large enough that when you start up you can call on those people.” 


Three-Year Growth: 305%

Revenue in 2007: $5,204,300

Year Founded: 2001  City: Orem

Employees: 50  Industry: Software, Manufacturing

Web site: www.fishbowlinventory.com

CEO: David Williams, 49

The Company: An inventory control software company designed for QuickBooks users. 

The Growth: Intense research, as well as a focus on knowing the needs of its customers, has led the company to be the No. 1 add-on for QuickBooks and have a mere 2 percent product-return rate.

The Growing Pains: “The stretching of great people by throwing them into positions of leadership, none of whom were raising their hands to be a leader.”

The Advice: “People are your core asset. If you focus on your people and if you have a legitimate product or service, you have a great chance to succeed.”


Three-Year Growth: 288%

Revenue in 2007: $151,617,000

Year Founded: 1995 City: Orem

Industry: Software

Web site: www.imergentinc.com

CEO: Donald L. Danks

The Company: An eServices provider. 

10. DOBA

Three-Year Growth: 240%

Revenue in 2007: $8,740,000

Year Founded: 2002  City: Orem

Employees: 50  Industry: Software

Web site: www.doba.com

Founder: Jeremy Hanks, 33

The Company: Wholesale product source for online sellers. 

The Growth: With more than 1 million products for its customers to choose from, Doba has expertly executed the philosophy of “right product, right time.” 

The Growing Pains: “No matter how you grow it means change, and change is hard for people to deal with.”

The Advice: “The only thing that matters for growth is having the right product in the right market.”


Three-Year Growth: 234%

Revenue in 2007: $143,100,000

Year Founded: 1996  City: Orem

Employees: 1,000  Industry: Technology

Web site: www.omniture.com

Founder: Josh James, 34

The Company: Provider of online optimization software.

The Growth: The relevant, critically acclaimed product has succeeded with an emphasis on customer service and sales — “everyone bows down to sales.”

The Growing Pains: “It is a challenge to maintain a singular focus on the most important and impactful items without letting them get drowned out by the noise.”

The Advice: “Whatever time you are spending on selling, double it and do less of everything else. Revenue forgives so many sins.”


Three-Year Growth: 223%

Revenue in 2007: $31,119,608

Year Founded: 1974  City: Lindon

Employees: 95  Industry: Homebuilding

Web site: www.maglebycompanies.com

Founder: Paul Magleby, 58

The Company: High-end custom home construction.

The Growth: With the National Custom Homebuilder of the Year at its helm, Magleby Companies has risen to the top of its industry with loyal employees (some of the staff has been around anywhere from 17 to 32 years), innovation, and an emphasis on the golden rule.

The Growing Pains: “You never get schooled on dealing with employee issues. We’ve been fortunate in that department, but it can be hard to delegate as the company grows.”

The Advice: “Treat employees as individuals and provide them a forum to achieve their personal and business goals.”


Three-Year Growth: 198%

Revenue in 2007: $6,382,026

Year Founded: 1983  City: Orem

Employees: 25  Industry: Technology

Web site: www.sewelldirect.com

Founder: David Sewell, 52

The Company: Internet retailer of computer hardware and accessories. 

The Growth: Stellar management and dedicated employees has powered the company in the ever-growing industry.  

The Growing Pains: “Raising enough capital to keep the growth fueled.”

The Advice: “Choose your management team carefully, secure adequate capital and pick an industry with growth potential.”


Three-Year Growth: 175%

Revenue in 2007: $11,542, 938

Year Founded: 2001  City: Provo

Employees: 170 (plus 235 outsourced contractors)

Industry: Internet Technology

Web site: www.heritagewebdesign.com

Founder: David Aitken, 33

The Company: A provider of Web site design, management programming and hosting. 

The Growth: Armed with a stalwart, innovative marketing campaign, the company has rapidly increased its sales and subsequently ranked No. 22 on the 2007 Inc. 5000. 

The Growing Pains: “Our sales ability outgrew our ability to recruit talented designers in our marketplace.”

The Advice: “Conquer the fear of change. It will cripple your organization and halt growth and progression.”  


Three-Year Growth: 165%

Revenue in 2007: $537,009

Year Founded: 2001  City: Provo

Employees:Industry: Product Development

Web site: www.rocketshipdesign.com

Founder: Michael Horito, 42

The Company: An industrial design company. 

The Growth: A customer- and employee-centric culture has launched Rocketship as a trusted “product problem-solver.” 

The Advice: “This sounds canned, but if you take care of your employees and clients, they’ll take care of you.” 


Three-Year Growth: 151%

Revenue in 2007: $5,096,364

Year Founded: 1997  City: Lindon

Employees: 50  Industry: Power Generation

Web site: www.power-innovations.com

Founder: Robert L. Mount, 52

The Company: A provider of uninterruptible power for homes, businesses and governments worldwide. 

The Growth: Heavy on vision, determination and an unpopulated marketplace, the company has fostered customer loyalty and dedicated employees.  

The Growing Pains: “We have struggled with a lack of available financing, engineering talent and production facilities in the hardware development and manufacturing technology arena. (These areas) are not well understood by the local investment community.”

The Advice: “As you look for financial support, make certain the people you are recruiting — angel investors and venture capitalists — understand your industry, have passion for it and will provide the support you need.”


Three-Year Growth: 139%

Revenue in 2007: $1,080,438

Year Founded: 2002  City: American Fork

Employees: 12  Industry: Graphic Design

Web site: www.jandaco.com

Founder: Michael Janda, 35

The Company: A full-service graphic design agency offering branding, Web, interactive, print, programming and online game development services. 

The Growth: A talented team of individuals along with spread-the-word clients has led to a customer base including high-profile giants like Disney and Warner Brothers. 

The Growing Pains: “Learning to ‘let go’ and let people do their jobs. It’s way tougher than it sounds.” 

The Advice: “Build a company you would like to work for and do business with.” 


Three-Year Growth: 110%

Revenue in 2007: $7,289,799

Year Founded: 2001  City: Springville

Employees: 53  Industry: Business Services

Web site: www.namifiers.com

Founder: Bryan L. Welton, Jr., 30

The Company: Manufacturer and supplier of customized identification and promotional products, such as lanyards, nametags and T-Shirts.

The Growth: A strong customer service model (with same-day service) has led to more than 60,000 clients worldwide, including universities, the U.S. government and more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. 

The Growing Pains: “Convincing first-time customers of our speed and efficiency without sacrificing quality.”

The Advice: “Create an ever-living five-year written vision and growth plan and update often.”


Three-Year Growth: 102%

Revenue in 2007: $22,515,757

Year Founded: 2001  City: American Fork

Employees: 157  Industry: Home Improvement

Web site: www.bestvinyl.com

Founders: Scott Petersen, 48; Vance Barrett, 31; Brandon Brooks, 33

The Company: Fabricator and installer of vinyl fence, decks, pergolas and gazebos. 

The Growth: With diverse management, quality employees, access to capital and emphasis on marketing, Best Vinyl has grown to be the largest company of its kind in the country. 

The Growing Pains: “Finding enough quality employees in a tight labor market.” 

The Advice: “Remember that you don’t know what you don’t know, and what you don’t know can kill you.” 


Three-Year Growth: 97%

Revenue in 2007: $21,226,957

Year Founded: 2001  City: Provo

Employees: 85  Industry: Consulting/Training

Web site: www.vitalsmarts.com

Founders: Joseph Grenny, 47; Al Switzler, 58; Ron McMillan, 55; Mike Carter, 48; Kerry Patterson, 61

The Company: A provider of corporate training and consulting in organizational performance. 

The Growth: As consultants to 300 of the Fortune 500 companies, and as authors “Crucial Conversations,” VitalSmarts has offered tested solutions, taught more than 2 million people worldwide, and landed on the Inc. 500 twice.  

The Growing Pains: “Getting the right people in the right positions.”

The Advice: “Be tenacious about interviewing and finding the right people to work in and manage your organization.”


Three-Year Growth: 93%

Revenue in 2007: $7,235,099

Year Founded: 2001  City: Pleasant Grove

Employees: 25 full time, 100-plus seasonal 

Industry: Retail 

Web site: www.costumecraze.com

Founders: Matt Maloney, 35; Kate Maloney, 26; Kathleen Maloney, 63

The Company: An online costume retailer.

The Growth: With thousands of costumes and efficient operations, the Halloween maverick has captured its highly competitive market both internationally and at home. 

The Growing Pains: “We’ve had trouble with physical space to keep pace with growth. However, we recently purchased a warehouse three times the size of its former.” 

The Advice: “Find the appropriate balance. Not growing fast enough can kill you, but so can growing too fast.” 


Three-Year Growth: 92%

Revenue in 2007: $9,386,700

Year Founded: 2002  City: Provo

Employees: 48  Industry: Technology

Web site: www.veracitycom.net

Founder: Drew Peterson, 37

The Company: Telecommunications provider. 

The Growth: A one-stop shop scenario partnered with an experienced team has led to more than 10,000 subscribers and a position as the largest VoIP provider in Utah. 

The Growing Pains: “Implementing proper processes and procedures. As we started growing quickly, we had employees hired before we had all our processes in place.” 

The Advice: “Make sure you grow at a pace you can handle financially and operationally.”


Three-Year Growth: 75%

Revenue in 2007: $8,196,550

Year Founded: 2004  City: American Fork

Employees: 75  Industry: Modest Clothing

Web site: www.shadeclothing.com

Founder: Chelsea S. Rippy, 33

The Company: A provider of fashion friendly modest clothing, specifically modest undertees. 

The Growth: Shade has catapulted from Rippy’s “hobby” to a market leader with four channels of distribution — retail, wholesale, personal shoppers and e-commerce. 

The Growing Pains: “Projecting inventory for unpredictable growth.” 

The Advice: “Buckle up.” 


Three-Year Growth: 68%

Revenue in 2007: $2,300,000

Year Founded: 2000  City: Orem

Employees: 52  Industry: Technology

Web site: www.serverplus.com

Founder: Layne Sisk, 42

The Company: A provider of outsourced services to Internet Service Providers.

The Growth: Chalk it up to a free-market perk: ServerPlus enables Internet Service Providers to compete in services with the national providers for less money. 

The Growing Pains: “Finding the right people.” 

The Advice: “Believe passionately in what you do, and surround yourself with people who believe like you do.”


Three-Year Growth: 52%

Revenue in 2007: $1,513,585

Year Founded: 2002  City: Orem

Employees: 39  Industry: Beauty Services/Retail

Web site: www.remedez.com

Founders: Cynthia Gambill, 46; Tyler Gambill, 49; Bernie Nielsen, 49

The Company: A hair salon, day spa and Aveda retail store.

The Growth: Remedez has capitalized on the beauty of a strong business model, which has led it to be one of Salon Today magazine’s 200 fastest-growing salons for three years.  

The Growing Pains: “Forecasting our client demand.”

The Advice: “A company should have a growth plan that includes a financial model, financial benchmarks as well as marketing and public relations plans.”

The Fastest-Growing Companies list is selected from a group of applicants. The 2005 and 2007 gross revenue figures have been verified by Utah Valley BusinessQ and are accurate as of February 2008. BusinessQ disclaims any responsibility for companies that did not apply.