#1 Mixhers

Mixhers is in the pink. At just three years old, the hormone health company is on track to do $20 million in sales this year. It just moved into a new office in springville. It tackles taboo topics like periods and libidos. and it’s unapologetically feminine. “I grew up with a career mom who had to put aside her femininity and act like a man to be successful,” says co-founder Cody sanders. “We want our team members to know you can be successful without hiding the essence of who you are.” mixhers isn’t hiding; it’s seeking. Between events all over the map and marketing magic from Instagram squares to Times Square, mixhers is drinking it all in — and getting refills. “No one can stop us,” says co-founder Jess toolson. “We are lit up as all get out.”

When we started this, we were completely new to running a business. I (Jess) had never run a team before. This was my first real job! But instead of being intimidated by people who knew more than us, we sought to learn. When I was stressed a couple years ago, my friend and mentor Susan Petersen (founder of Freshly Picked) told me to “Snap out of it! No one knows what they are doing. It’s all about who decides to show up and learn.”

We are female owned, female run, and also very male supported. Both men and women are rallying behind the Mixhers cause to help women take charge of their health. There have certainly been situations where Mixhers hasn’t been taken seriously. We remove ourselves from those situations. We have no problem doing so, because there are plenty of people who do take us seriously. 

We’ve had rapid growth, and we’re just trying to keep up. When we look at the revenue numbers, all we see are the lives we’re changing. Customers share stories with us where they had felt debilitated, and now, after taking our products, they can show up and claim their lives. Every day we’re in tears. Women are amazing. 

We’ve shattered all the taboo topics: Hormone health. Periods. Libidos. All the things that a year ago it was like pulling teeth to get people to talk about. We couldn’t be prouder to break that stigma.

We have to educate these younger generations. They are already worlds ahead of how we grew up, but they need to know there is no reason to be ashamed of something so natural. 

We also know we constantly need to be improving. If we are not improving, we are losing opportunities. 

No day at Mixhers is the same. We could start the day with the team discussing KPIs, growth, and manufacturing, and then we’ll end up wearing pink stretchy suits to dance around as a uterus and make a TikTok. It’s always evolving. It’s never monotonous. It’s always fun. 

A year ago we had six employees. Now we have 28. All women. We want to provide a work culture where women can find career growth opportunities while still allowing their natural selves to shine. We love that our workplace is nurturing. It’s warm and happy. We all have different personalities, and we want everyone to know they belong here exactly as they are. This safe haven has only contributed to our growth.

We really dislike the assumption that our workplace is filled with drama — that women can’t work together without it getting catty. Newsflash! Women can support other women. We rally for each other. We elevate each other. We celebrate each other. 

We definitely feel a need to take Mixhers far. We’ll be in retail — and fast. And we also feel a responsibility to future female business owners. It’s another reason we are so driven to tackle huge revenue goals. However far we can take Mixhers, it’ll open so many more doors for those who come after us. 

There are hard things, but we don’t dwell on them. We don’t get stuck in the muck. Sometimes you just need a 4 a.m. call with your business partner where you cry, flip someone off in your head, and then move on. Works wonders. 

It’s so fun to reflect on our bi-monthly events. They started small with pink crepe paper wrapped around poles and have grown to be gorgeous, epic events. But the important thing is that the feelings haven’t changed. We have the same electric energy wherever we go, and it’s because we’ve built an authentic community that shows up for each other. We haven’t lost that energy in the growth — and nothing could make us prouder. 

We could start the day with the team discussing KPIs … and then we’ll end up wearing pink stretchy suits to dance around as a uterus and make a TikTok.